-->The well-known crypto meme, PEPE, surprised the market today with an impressive 50% pump in a day after Bitcoin skyrocketed, rising 10% to $56,500 in the past 24 hours.

With the entire crypto market on the rise today, Pepe could rise even further during a possible new phase of the bull run. In this article we look at what PEPE is doing, how much the meme coin could be worth and which new crypto meme could be next.

PEPE Price Pumps +50% – Will the Popular Crypto Meme Continue to Rise?

The Pepe price has risen +58% in the last 2 hours to $0.000002139, while the price could climb further in the coming hours. Although the meme coin was already above its moving averages, the price has shot way above this today. As a result, PEPE is in a new trading range for the first time in 10 months.

If the price rises just over +100% from here, Pepe could set a new All-Time High above $0.000004500. But the danger of a correction is increasing now that the Relative Strength Index (RSI) has risen above 87 and is at a heavily overvalued level.

Pepe rate chart
Pepe rate chart – TradingView

With the current momentum that Pepe has gained, thanks to the rising crypto market, the price could climb even further before traders decide to withdraw their profits. Today, a further increase to $0.000002500 would therefore still be possible.

PEPE surprised traders and investors today with its bizarre pump, for which there is no clear reason. But considering other meme coins like Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Bonk (BONK) have also risen, this could be the start of a meme coin season.


The expectation is that if the crypto market continues to rise, money will first flow into Bitcoin and large altcoins, then large meme coins and finally smaller crypto coins with more risk and more room to rise.

Pepe could not only set a new All-Time High this year, but soar to $0.000005000 or higher. In the best case scenario, the PEPE price could even lose 0 this year.

Meme Coin Season Started and Which Crypto Meme Will Pepe Follow?

If this is the first phase of a meme coin season, major meme coins such as PEPE, DOGE, SHIB and BONK may receive particular attention today. However, it may not be long before traders and investors start looking at smaller meme coins, which have more volatility and can therefore yield more.

Today we look at 3 new crypto memes, which are currently discounted and could soon see an influx of volume and explode in value. This could be a good time to stock up on these meme coins early.

Frog Wif Hat (FWIF)

Frog Wif Hat (FWIF) is a brand new meme coin that launched this week on the Ethereum network. FWIF is a parody between DogWifHat (WIF) and Pepe and, especially after PEPE’s rise, could soon explode in value.

FWIF has a funny French frog as a mascot and has already received attention from the first investors shortly after launch. But because Frog Wif Hat has done a silent launch, you have the chance to become one of the first investors.


You can buy the new crypto meme via the official website or directly via Uniswap. Currently, the meme coin still has a market cap of just over $1 million, which offers the potential for an increase of x100 or even more.

Smog (SMOG)

A meme coin that is a few weeks old and has already claimed a lot of attention is Smog (SMOG), which will soon make one of the largest crypto airdrops on Solana. Smog has also fallen in value over the past week, but now seems to be preparing to skyrocket again.

Unlike most meme coins on Solana, Smog maintains a strong position and further declines are currently very limited. This offers investors who missed the first boat a chance to get in and benefit from new price increases soon.

You can buy SMOG through the official website and through the decentralized exchange, Jupiter. By purchasing and holding SMOG you will participate in the airdrop and by staking the token with an APY of 42% and completing quests you will earn additional airdrop points, which will increase your share of the airdrop.

Sponge V2 (SPONGE)

Sponge is a meme coin from the Pepe era that rose by x100 in the spring last year. Due to lack of momentum and some form of utility, the team has decided to launch the new Sponge V2. This token can be used for staking rewards for Play-to-Earn and has been climbing significantly in value in recent weeks.

Sponge V2 can be staked via the official website for an APY of at least 40%. While you passively earn extra SPONGE, the value of the token can also increase, giving you a double benefit. Soon the team will launch its Play-to-Earn game, which will allow you to earn even more tokens depending on your score.


You can purchase Sponge via sponge.vip and stake for a current APY of 187%. SPONGE is also up an impressive +9% today, as the meme coin seems to continue to climb and could soon explode after the launch of its crypto game.

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