-->A huge explosion of crypto memes seems to be lurking. Many analysts and investors assume that a huge bull run could occur in the short term – in any case, many charts point in that direction. PEPE investors are already eagerly awaiting the next rise of their favorite token. Can the meme coin surrounding the evil frog deliver another big pump, and is PEPE the best crypto to invest in now?

Pepe pumps 1300% and is ready to take off

Pepe investors have become quite spoiled in recent months. The token is currently at $0.000007, an increase of 874% compared to six months ago. On March 14, when Bitcoin recorded a new All Time High, Pepe was even higher than now: the token briefly reached $0.00001. This was also an ATH for the crypto meme itself. Unfortunately, this psychological barrier (a growth of 1300% compared to six months before) could not be maintained for long.

Pepe chart 29-3
Pepe rate chart. Source: Tradingview

However, a frog in a corner makes strange jumps: now that the price of PEPE has cooled down a bit, the token seems ready to post strong increases and possibly improve its record from early March. Several indicators point in that direction.

For example, Bear Girl Crypto on These are two indicators that typically indicate that momentum is starting to turn bullish. If this indeed turns out to be the case, the $0.00001 could soon be attacked again.

In the longer term, the prospects also look favorable: Bitcoin has recovered from its pre-Bitcoin Halving correction and seems ready to rise significantly. In the wake of the largest crypto, Pepe could also grow significantly.

Is PEPE the best crypto for big profits?

Many investors are not so much looking for a token that can provide profits, they are looking for the best crypto that can provide the biggest profits. Unfortunately, in many cases Pepe is not the token that is wanted: with a market cap of $3.2 billion, exponential growth seems impossible. To generate profit factors of, say, x5, Pepe would need to grow to a market cap of $16 billion. Not ruled out, but highly unlikely.

Many small crypto coins with potential have the ability to provide profit factors of x5 or more. A growth from $10 million market cap to $50 million market cap is certainly not unrealistic.

At Bitcoin Magazine we are always looking for the best crypto. For those interested in crypto memes, we currently have the following top 3 meme coins with extraordinary growth potential:

  1. Slothana – Highly speculative token on Solana blockchain
  2. Smog – FOMO grows around largest SOL airdrop ever
  3. Sponge – Enhanced token can go x100 again

Are you also curious why we are so enthusiastic about these tokens? Read on for the answer!

Slothana – Highly speculative token on Solana Blockchain

The success of the meme coin Slerf on the Solana blockchain has inspired a group of anonymous token makers to start their own meme coin: Slothana. This token, starring a sloth, is surrounded by question marks and is therefore very popular among investors.

Slothana has a very small website, where very little information about the token can be found. The goal, according to the vague descriptions, is to become a $420 million “crypto chad.” On the Twitter page we see that the token was created by a sloth who was done working in the office from 9 to 5.

The interesting thing about the Twitter account is that from the beginning there were connections with the official accounts of Smog (the meme coin that already went x75) and Wall Street Memes (which raised more than $20 million in presale). Rumors have it that the teams behind these tokens may consist of the same people.

Another rumor doing the rounds in many articles is that this meme coin (like many other Solana crypto memes) will soon appear on Binance. If this is really the case, the price of the token could rise extremely quickly.

10,000 $SLOTH tokens currently cost 1 SOL, 1 SOL is currently worth about $186 dollars. The presale is still ongoing, but no one knows what the hard cap is or when the IPO will take place. The mystery leads to speculation, speculation leads to FOMO and FOMO ultimately causes prices to explode. So it may be wise to invest now.

Smog – FOMO grows around largest SOL airdrop ever

When we talk about FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), we certainly shouldn’t forget Smog. The cheerful meme coin around a fire-breathing dragon is about to launch the largest crypto airdrop ever on Solana.

35% of the total number of SMOG tokens are ready to be distributed to investors. The longer you own the token (and the more tokens you have), the greater your reward will be at the airdrop.

Since few investors wanted to miss out on the airdrop, the token’s price rose quickly. Some early investors chose to cash in their profit factor (sometimes as much as x75), others continue to wait for the airdrop. Only time will tell which decision was wiser.

Now that the aidrop is really coming and FOMO is starting to grow (again), the momentum seems to be moving more and more in the direction of the hard headed HODLers. The current price dip may be the last good entry point.

Sponge – Enhanced token can go x100 again

During the 2023 bear market, Sponge was a token that performed extremely well: the meme coin grew from a $1 million market cap to a $100 million market cap, and some investors took a profit of x100.

Now back in Sponge in a new and improved version: SpongeV2. This new token has many updates and upgrades compared to the first version. There is its own P2E game, there are very good staking options (rewards up to 386%), there is a sponge-loyal community and the project team has a huge marketing budget.

SpongeV2 has now taken over the ticker from SpongeV1. By buying $SPONGE now you get an improved token that has the potential to go x100 again.

Disclaimer: This article contains insights from independent authors and is not part of BitcoinMagazine.nl’s editorial content. This is not investment advice, please do your own research.

Source: https://bitcoinmagazine.nl/nieuws/pepe-pumpt-1300-naar-ath-wat-drijft-deze-rally-beste-3-cat-dog-en-frog-crypto-memes-voor-april

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