-->Popular analyst Rekt Fencer claims that it won’t be long before the traditional “altseason” begins, the time when altcoins outperform bitcoin. According to the analyst, now is the time to pick small coins that could potentially return the 100x that all investors dream of.

Rekt Fencer is bullish on several altcoins

Under his message, Rekt Fencer mentions some coins that he believes have the potential to make investors rich. First, the analyst discusses Polyhedra Network (ZK), a project with a focus on Web3, scalability and privacy via zero-knowledge proof technology.

He also mentions Wolf Wif Ballz (BALLZ), a memecoin within the Solana ecosystem. In addition, Portal (PORTAL), Boson Protocol (BOSON), VoluMint (VMINT) and Monai (MONAI) also receive attention.

However, be aware that these are all extremely speculative projects, from which it remains to be seen whether anything of value can be obtained. This does not alter the fact that investing in this can yield enormous returns, but there is a risk that you will lose everything.

These types of influencers are often already invested in the coins they promote and hope to attract the masses and create hype with their stories. Fundamentally speaking, there is no value whatsoever behind a memecoin.

45 days to an altseason

“Bitcoin is attacking its all-time high with tremendous momentum. The reality is that once that all-time high is broken again, which could happen today, then it will be like firing off a cannon for altcoins and the race will begin,” said Ran Neuner.

At the time of writing, the market is in a recovery phase, after starting a correction on March 14. If the past is a good guide to the future, then a new altseason should start in about 45 days.

Bitcoin vs Altcoins Market

To reach their old all-time highs, many altcoins still need to rise by 50 percent, according to Neuner. “Do you understand how violent a 50 percent increase in the next 45 days is going to be? That will more than surprise people,” says an optimistic Neuner.

Source: https://bitcoinmagazine.nl/nieuws/populaire-analist-altseason-begint-over-45-dagen

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