-->Shiba Inu (SHIB) has fallen sharply in value recently, yet Shibarium’s network has reached an important milestone. Since the launch of the network in August 2023, the network has made significant progress in the number of blocks, active users and transactions.

How much can Shiba Inu become worth as Shibarium continues to grow in adoption and popularity?

Also check out the promising presale Slothana:

Shiba Inu declines as SHIB network reaches major milestone

Shiba Inu has fallen -1.87% to $0.00002676 in the last 24 hours and is more than -13% lower than a week ago. Despite a strong pump to $0.00004500 in early March, SHIB has depreciated significantly last month.

SHIB has recently fallen below its 30-day average and is finding it difficult to recover as the level no longer provides support. The trading volume, around $600 million, indicates declining interest in SHIB. This phenomenon underlines the importance of continuous analysis and adjustment of investment strategies within the dynamic crypto market. Investors should closely monitor current trends and market data to make informed decisions.

Shiba Inu rate chart
Shiba Inu rate chart – TradingView

Shiba Inu’s Relative Strength Index (RSI), an indicator of momentum, has fallen below 50 and is gradually approaching the oversold level of 30. This indicates a possible undervaluation of Shiba Inu, and could provide an opportunity for investors to get in at a lower price. It is essential for investors to monitor these trends and indicators to take timely and strategic action within the crypto market.

Because Shibarium, the Shiba Inu network, has reached an important milestone, expectations are high that SHIB can increase significantly later this year. The network has processed 4 million blocks and 400 million transactions, and Shibarium also has almost 1.4 million active wallets.

In addition, the Shiba Inu price also benefits from token burns, which means that SHIB’s supply is becoming increasingly smaller, which could contribute to further increases.


With the Bitcoin halving expected this month, Shiba Inu appears to be getting little attention at the moment, but later this year SHIB could gain more attention and reach a new ATH above $0.00009000.

Which altcoins offer opportunities as Shiba Inu declines?

Shiba Inu, the second largest meme coin, shows limited potential for rapid appreciation in the short term. Currently, smaller meme coins are gaining popularity, with the potential for significant returns before the Bitcoin halving.

Although smaller meme coins carry more risk, there are some projects with strong foundations, which lowers the risk. In this article we look at some of these small cryptos with the potential to rise significantly in the near future.

Slothana (SLOTH)

Slothana (SLOTH), a presale on Solana, raised more than $7.5 million in its first week. This project offers investors the opportunity to exchange their conventional work for income from crypto.

SLOTH, soon to be launched on the Solana network, offers significantly lower transaction fees than tokens on the Ethereum network. Investors who purchase during the presale will receive the token via an airdrop in their wallet, after which immediate trading is possible. This highlights SLOTH’s advantage in terms of cost-efficiency and immediate accessibility to trading, a strategic advantage for early investors.

You can buy SLOTH for 1 SOL per 10,000 tokens in the presale, so you pay around $0.018 per token, which could soon be worth much more. Given the speed at which the presale sells out, the price could skyrocket after launch.

Smog (SMOG)

Smog (SMOG) is a meme coin that launched on Solana in February and today is up +327% since its listing on CoinMarketCap, proving that not all new meme coins are a pump & dump.

SMOG has been listed on MEXC today and can therefore receive even more volume from traders on this exchange. However, if you trade SMOG via decentralized exchanges, you can benefit from the next big airdrop.

You can also purchase SMOG from the official website, where you can stake the token for 10% off the current price and an APY of 42%. In addition, by staking you earn extra airdrop points, which will increase your share of the next airdrop even more.

Sponge (SPONGE)

Another meme coin that, like Shiba Inu, has a lot of long-term potential is Sponge (SPONGE), a meme coin based on SpongeBob that is almost a year old. The meme coin was launched last year in May and went x100 in a short time. Sponge switched to Sponge V2 this year with more utility and new heights.

The new Sponge V2 is up over =200% since launch and expect another pump soon as the launch of its upcoming play-to-earn game draws closer. In this game you can race against SpongeBob and his friends to earn extra SPONGE tokens.

You can buy SPONGE from the official website and stake it to earn additional tokens, with an APY of 168% on Ethereum (ETH) and 370% on Polygon (MATIC). Sponge’s crypto game will soon be launched and demand for the meme coin may increase sharply, causing the price to skyrocket.

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