Tether, the issuer of the stablecoin USDT, has entered the artificial intelligence (AI) sector. With a market cap of over $104 billion, the company is launching ‘Tether Data’, a new division aimed at pioneering open-source, multi-modal AI models. This program focuses on the use of AI solutions in commercially driven products, which the industry demands in terms of greater transparency and privacy.

Tether Data’s entry marks an important moment for the company, which is typically characterized by its investments in various areas such as renewable telecommunications, energy and bitcoin mining. Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino pointed out the transformative nature of AI in the real and digital world. The creation of this division is a new twist for Tether, where the company will focus on AI and privacy-preserving technology.

A key element of Tether Data’s mission is the creation of open-source AI models. This strategy is placed within the context of growing concerns about the monopolization of AI technologies by tech giants, including Microsoft, Facebook and Google. The importance of transparent privacy is what Tether Data is trying to lead, as an example, in the realm of accessible AI development.

Moreover, Tether Data strives for cooperation across the market. By using AI in products and interacting with the community, Tether aims to have a substantial impact on the ecosystem. This joint effort is designed to drive innovation and ensure the benefits of AI technology are widely accessible.

This move by Tether Data comes at a time when the debate over the openness of AI technologies has come to the fore. Elon Musk recently denounced Open AI for its closed-source models and released his own “Grok” model to the public in retaliation. This lawsuit focuses on the increasing controversy surrounding the transparency and availability of AI systems.

Tether Data’s commitment to open-source AI is well-timed. Tether’s commitment to developing transparent and privacy-focused AI models adds an important component to the debate. This move not only goes against traditional ways of working, but also fits in with general industry trends of developing more open and ethical AI.

Tether Data has launched a global recruitment campaign to promote its AI efforts. It aims to invite AI-passionate individuals so that they can explore career opportunities in its fast-growing AI division. This recruitment effort is part of the company’s broader strategy to lead in the development and integration of AI technologies.

Source: https://cryptobenelux.com/2024/03/27/tether-onthult-ai-divisie-voor-open-source-ai-revolutie/

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