The crypto market has recovered today and the tension among crypto investors continues to increase as the next altcoin season seems to be getting closer. The Bitcoin price has risen above $60,000 again this weekend, which means that major altcoins have immediately benefited, but in this article we look at 5 altcoins that have yet to experience their major rise.

In this article we look at 5 emerging crypto coins that can be purchased at a low price in the presale. Early investors can then sell their tokens after launch for potential profits, which in some cases can exceed 1,000%.

Please note that the altcoins below are brand new and therefore carry more risk than the top 100 largest cryptocurrencies. In addition, these altcoins have the potential to rise rapidly, so you can have enough exposure with even a small investment.

1. Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) – The first chain-traveling Doge

The Binance Smart Chain was the big winner during the 2021 crypto bull run, benefiting from high trading volume and high liquidity. In the next altcoin season, there are several blockchains that could experience a big bull run and the new Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) will be found on 6 of these blockchains.

Dogeverse is a unique meme coin that will be launched on Ethereum, the Binance Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana and Base. This new meme coin is for sale in the presale and has already raised more than $13 million.

Dogeverse will soon launch on exchanges, but for now you still have the chance to buy tokens for $0.00031 each. By staking your tokens during the presale, you will earn a high APY on top of your presale tokens and you will have even more tokens after launch.

2. Sealana (SEAL) – Giant seal with gigantic plans

Sealana (SEAL) is a meme coin that launched its presale last week and has already raised $190,000. Sealana is the successor to the successful Slothana (SLOTH), which rose more than 100% after launch and gave early investors a lot of profits.

The biggest crypto ‘degen’ lives in his parents’ attic room and eats junk food all day while trading. That’s exactly what Sealana does all day, before he finally strikes gold and drives away in a Lamborghini. This concept has appealed to early investors, which means that the presale is already going well after a few days.

You can buy SEAL tokens for a fixed low price in the presale, so you get 6,900 tokens per 1 SOL. After the presale, you will automatically receive your purchased tokens as an airdrop and shortly afterwards you will be able to sell the token with potential profit on the first exchange.

3. WienerAI (WAI) – Promising crypto AI meme coin

Now that we have had the real meme coins, we will move on to a hybrid meme coin that focuses on Artificial intelligence. This allows the new WienerAI (WAI) to ride on the popularity of meme coins and the expected AI crypto hype. This project has now reached almost $1 million with its crypto presale.

This new dachshund has generated a lot of hype in a short time and is now in the process of assembling its “Sausage Army” community. This allows WAI to become valuable after launch and remain relevant in the longer term.

You can purchase WAI for $0.000703 each during the presale. This price will increase as the presale raises more money and will result in a higher listing price. During the presale it is possible to stake WAI to earn even more tokens.

4. 99Bitcoins (99BTC) – Learn about crypto and earn alternative Bitcoins as rewards

Now we will explore the utility more, for which we have 2 very promising crypto coins. The first of these is 99Bitcoins (99BTC), an emerging platform with an existing community of over 2 million users and a new token that has already raised over $1 million in presale.

99Bitcoins will launch as a Learn-to-Earn platform, meaning you can learn more about crypto, the blockchain, exchanges, trading and more. By completing interactive modules you will earn 99BTC tokens, which you can then sell on exchanges for cash or stake via the website to passively earn additional tokens.

You can purchase 99BTC during the presale for a low price of $0.00103 each and also stake during the presale to earn additional tokens before the token launches. After launch, the token could become more valuable, allowing you to make a profit on your investment.

5. Mega Dice token (DICE) – Earn a share of the Mega Dice casino revenue

One of the best crypto investments to consider today is the new DICE token from Mega Dice, a successful crypto casino with over 10,000 active users and $50m+ in revenue per month. This new utility token offers players a streamlined experience and gives investors the chance to earn a portion of sales as passive income.

The Mega Dice token will be launched on Solana, allowing players to enjoy fast transactions to enhance the gaming experience. By using these tokens as play money, you also get access to exclusive content and cashback bonuses. Investors can stake the token to earn a share of the casino’s revenue.

The Mega Dice presale offers DICE tokens for $0.069 per token and has already raised over $720,000. Soon the token will be launched and you will be able to claim your purchased tokens to stake, sell or use in the casino for a chance to win high jackpots.

Disclaimer: This article contains insights from independent authors and is not part of’s editorial content. This is not investment advice, please do your own research.


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