Or not, but these examples will surely surprise you or, at least, inspire you. TikTok is undoubtedly the fashionable app in confinement (well, along with Houseparty)

When we already had the role of each of the social networks clear (and there is no better proof of this than the #DollyPartonChallenge), TikTok arrives and breaks the equation.

What is TikTok?

Is TikTok a social network for dances? Is TikTok only for memes? Is it for dance memes? Beyond the very definition of what TikTok is, we could say that this social network It is the new disaster drawer of the Internet.

But don’t panic, here is a classification of the best examples of TikTok so that you better understand everything you can find on this social network and why you will surely end up joining.

The best TikTok examples

Lip Sync

The original TikTok, legacy of Musical.ly, the application that gave rise to the social network. Lip Sync is nothing more than simulating a dialogue or singing a song by synchronizing your lips with the sound, which fits perfectly with the infinite sound resources available on the social network. These range from the songs available on Apple Music, to dialogues from series or movies, and even the sounds that its users create.





Perhaps the best-known type of TikTok, because due to its virality it often ends up crossing the limits of the social network and reaching others such as Twitter or Instagram. Its operation is simple: one person creates a dance according to a song, and the rest replicate it under the hashtag that names it. As in other cases, this is something that has migrated from a somewhat more niche and now obsolete app, Dubsmash, to TikTok.

#Renegade: the most viral dance on TikTok.






The evolution of Instagram towards more careful and prepared content was increasingly incompatible with the challenges that became so popular a few years ago. Gone are the times when we could go on Instagram and find the timeline full of people doing the Mannequin Challenge or the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Too dynamic for Instagram, but too short for a YouTube video, on TikTok the challenges have met their match thanks to the predisposition of their audience to try and join trends. This is something that has also been reinforced thanks to the importance that hashtags have in this application to consume content (which, let’s be honest, on Twitter and Instagram was becoming less and less effective).







If when uploading the video, the user has activated the “allow duets and reactions” option, other users can create duets with the uploaded video. As you can imagine, this is something that goes a long way, ranging from fictional conversations to video reactions.





Or practical jokes, because humanity finds it very funny to see how others have a normal time. A format older than cough (and if not, tell MTV) that could not be missing from TikTok.





In this formula of a little bit from there and a little bit from there, Tags are a format popularized by many Youtubers who wanted to let their followers know more information about them. It basically consists of quickly answering a questionnaire. On TikTok they are shortened and democratized so that everyone can join them.



Video memes

The use of the social network that will most remind you of the old social network Vine. Closed in 2016 due to the flight of users to Snapchat and the infrastructure problems of its parent company (Twitter), the orphans of Vine have found an application in TikTok with which to fill their void. This happens for two reasons: first, the ease and amount of resources to put together a video; and the second, an audience that does not seek inspiration (in other words: posturing) but rather pure entertainment.







These are just the most popular examples, but of course there is no shortage of video tutorials on TikTok (especially cooking and makeup), pets, reviews and unboxings, outfits or special effects videos.

The current situation of TikTok is reminiscent of that of Instagram a few years ago: a social network with a lot of potential, growing quickly, and still not saturated. Well, at least until lockdown came.

Source: https://www.40defiebre.com/tiktok-y-los-mejores-ejemplos-hasta-la-fecha

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