Social networks, website visits, sales stands, credit analysis, contract signing and key delivery. Listing the steps like this seems simple, but the customer journey within the real estate market is much deeper. Especially when we talk about the first property.

A survey carried out by the Brazilian Association of Real Estate Developers (ABRAINC) showed that 31% of Brazilians want to buy a property in 2023. The biggest motivation is to get out of rent and finally acquire your own home.

During this journey, reputable sites like Reclame Aqui become references and allies for the consumer to check how that developer, construction company or real estate agency relates to the customer, what complaints and solutions, and, most importantly, whether the person who registered a complaint would return. doing business. The level of consumer trust in these platforms is so great that there are seals that identify and qualify brands and companies in relation to their dealings with customers.

There are those who identify the beginning of this real estate customer’s journey only when they actually demonstrated their interest in purchasing the property, whether through the company’s website or directly at the sales stand. But, the reality is that this journey begins much earlier, and in this scenario, real estate agencies and construction companies have the opportunity to capture leads through online marketing strategies, through advertisements, social networks, email marketing and, yes, also for its history on reputable sites.

And that is why the customer relationship area must be integrated with other sectors, from marketing to technical assistance. And have targeted teams with defined metrics to ensure that processes and treatments are maintained with excellence. The customer who analyzed your company’s reputation and decided to purchase a much-desired item has already established a relationship and started their journey well before signing.

At this initial stage, as well as throughout the construction of the project, it is essential to maintain a strong bond with the client. This involves clear communication, clarification of doubts and humanized service. In the customer journey within the real estate market, transparency and attention are fundamental.

Another very important moment is the handing over of the keys, as it is a celebration, in which the client realizes their dream of acquiring their own property. Here, alongside the relationship area, the engineering and financial teams play a fundamental role in ensuring that the entire process is completed smoothly and satisfactorily.

The customer journey does not end with handing over the keys. The post braces are equally relevant. It is at this stage that the client may have additional needs, such as assistance with moving or clarifying doubts about the maintenance of the property.

Therefore, from lead generation to handover of the keys, efficiency in managing the customer journey is essential for the success of the real estate market. Ensuring transparency at all stages, offering personalized service and maintaining an effective communication channel are crucial elements for establishing relationships and, consequently, ensuring customer satisfaction and a solid reputation.

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Simone Carvalho is a customer relationship manager at Plano&Plano and has more than 20 years of experience in large companies in the real estate market, specializing in Customer experience, customer success, omnichannel, relationship centers, ombudsman management and conflict mediation. Graduated in Business Administration, Postgraduate in Neuroscience and Human Behavior, and postgraduate in Positive Psychology.


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