The company Ethos is launching a crypto phone based on the Ethereum blockchain, including a native wallet and ultra-confidential private messaging.

Ether has been at the center of crypto news in recent days, particularly while awaiting the possible American green light for ETFs. But developers continue to integrate crypto into a whole bunch of things. Latest discovery, a mobile phone fully connected to the Ether blockchain.

Ethereum, the blockchain where ether lives, does everything… Crypto but also data processing, conservation… And even an operating system for mobile phones! It’s the Ethos company that is launching this. This is a very reliable laptop. For the hardware, they didn’t look for noon to 2 p.m., they are copies of Google Pixels. Besides, it will be possible to buy a Pixel yourself and install the OS, it will be a little cheaper.

Second crypto phone on the market

The operating system, EthOS, is a sort of open source derivative of Android. But its specificity is that everything is connected to the Ethereum Blockchain. You already have a native wallet where you can store ether and benefit from a whole bunch of web 3 applications where you can make your transactions without going through any intermediary. It will be live. You will also have ultra-confidential, completely decentralized XMTP private messaging and privileged access to these famous “airdrops”, these free cryptos to seize at the time of their launch.

Afterwards, you can trade them directly via this innovative and totally crypto-focused phone that you can even buy using an NFT. You buy the NFT for $600 and it is destroyed by sending the physical phone. This is the second mainstream crypto phone to see the light of day. The first, Saga, was launched last December but was based on the Solana blockchain. There these Ethos Phone seem to have a much brighter future in view of the popularity of the second crypto in the world by capitalization, still around 400 billion dollars.


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