El Salvador hosts a flurry of bitcoin activity in the first week of April. Local initiatives are already celebrating the upcoming halving with parties, conferences and other activities.

The halving is an automated process in which the block subsidy of bitcoin is reduced by 50%. This happens every 210,000 blocks, or about four years. This year the halving is expected to take place on April 19 or 20. But already there is a lot going on in El Salvador.

This week started with a keynote from Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dash Jr. He taught the new class of CUBO+ students in the country’s new library. The auditorium of the National Library of El Salvador is the showpiece of the “new El Salvador”. Cubo+ is a technical training program that trains bitcoin developers.

On the same day, the Mi Primer Bitcoin organized another graduation ceremony in San Bartolo, near San Salvador. In the evening, countless bitcoiners came together with a charity auction, attended by BTC Sessions and Max Keiser, among others, and money was raised for bitcoin education.

But there’s more! There was also the so-called Halving Party in El Zonte, an event full of fun and music. Bitcoiners from all over the world have settled in the art village. The Halving Party was organized by a group of bitcoin enthusiasts called The Meme Factory.

The Halving Festival will take place on the beach of the Bitcoin Beach project on April 6 and 7. Finally, the bitcoin community in Berlín organized its own mini-conference on April 8: Economía Bitcoin.

Since 2021, bitcoin has been legal tender in El Salvador. Over the years, more and more bitcoin fanatics are heading to the country to see and experience this with their own eyes.

Source: https://bitcoinmagazine.nl/nieuws/er-is-een-heuse-bitcoin-week-aan-de-gang-in-el-salvador

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