TikTok has started testing a new feature within the search results page. In the experiment, the service now offers text generated by artificial intelligence (IA) along with suggested publications and accounts.

According toThe Verge, the change is part of a remodeling of the platform’s search results page, which now becomes more complete. Until now, only a few user groups have had access to the new feature and There is no expectation that the look will be applied to the entire community.

In the case of content created by AI, ChatGPT is responsible for generating the summary. The text does not appear in every type of search and depends a lot on the terms used — such as searching for a recipe or a ranked list of something, for example.

TikTok became Google’s rival for young audiences

ChatGPT content on TikTok are summaries that separate some of the highlights of the research. This filter is completely done by the algorithm and there is an identification in the form of a label indicating that it was the work of an AI.

The text artificially generated by an AI is at the top of the screen.Fonte:  The Verge

This is not the service’s first experiment in the field of results. In recent months, it has also started displaying basic information on certain topics in partnership with platforms such as Wikipedia.

The novelty is yet another way for the Chinese social network to take advantage of its popularity as a search engine among younger users. Due to its short and dynamic videos, it has been preferred for answering quick questions, even instead of the traditional Google search engine.

For now, the company has not commented on the change. Currently, the company has other more pressing concerns, including the possibility of being banned in the United States and a new way to flag whether or not a user post was made using AI.

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/software/282951-tiktok-testa-resultados-busca-gerados-chatgpt-entenda.htm

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