The Open Network Foundation has caused a stir in the cryptocurrency community by recently distributing 300,000 Toncoin (TON) tokens to active meme-coin traders. This strategic move, valued at approximately $2.19 million, aims to drive engagement within the meme-coin trading community.

Of airdrop was targeted at users who transacted on DeDust in between March 4 and April 10. This gave them an opportunity to benefit from the growing meme-coin market. To qualify for the airdrop, participants had to trade specific whitelisted meme coins on the network and collect points through a fast reward system.

Eligible participants could receive between 50 and 90 free tokens per valid wallet, encouraging active involvement in the meme-coin trade. Notably, the distribution excluded Sybil addresses from the snapshot to ensure fairness and prevent tampering of the system.

Prior to the airdrop announcement, Toncoin experienced a notable rise, breaking its all-time high (ATH) again. Within 24 hours, the price rose by more than 14%, reaching an impressive $7.65 per token. However, following the news of the airdrop, TON saw a slight pullback, falling 6% to $7.15.

This initiative highlights TON’s commitment to advancing meme coin trading and investments on its blockchain platform. TON has also suggested that they will airdrop more tokens in the future, but they have not mentioned any criteria.

Keep an eye on TON as it continues to make waves in the crypto world!


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