The TON network has reached a major milestone by crossing the $200 million mark in Total Value Locked (TVL) this Monday. This remarkable achievement represents a 900% increase from a modest $22.9 million in March, driven by the innovative Open League rewards program and strategic integrations.

Impact of the Open League

The Open League, which launched earlier this year, has played a central role in this increase by offering more than $150 million in TON prizes. This initiative has significantly increased community involvement and attracted new projects to the TON ecosystem.

This has contributed to a significant increase in network activity. Since its inception, the program has not only boosted TVL but also increased monthly active users by 264%, reaching 1.5 million users.

Strategic integrations and investments

TON’s growth is further fueled by strategic partnerships and integrations. In particular, the integration with Telegram, which recently reached 900 million users, has directly benefited TON by integrating with Telegram’s massive user base.

Additionally, the introduction of the USDT stablecoin and investment from Pantera Capital highlight TON’s growing influence in the cryptocurrency space.

Security and user engagement

Despite the convenience offered by Telegram’s wallet integration, which supports free transactions, security concerns remain. Critics argue that while the wallet facilitates everyday transactions, it does not provide the robust security needed to store large assets.

However, Telegram continues to innovate by integrating DeFi activities and farming directly through its platform, improving the practical use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

Future prospects

As TON continues to expand its user base and features, the network hopes to secure more protocol integrations and continue its growth trajectory. However, balancing this rapid expansion with regulatory compliance and security will be crucial to TON’s long-term success in the competitive cryptocurrency market.


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