The saga surrounding Binance employees stuck in Nigeria continues. Despite the expiration of their detention order, Nadeem Anjarwalla finds himself entangled in a legal quagmire in the country.

Anjarwalla is an executive at Binance. He was recently arrested because local authorities pointed fingers at the crypto exchange. They believe that Binance is partly responsible for the devaluation of the naira and capital outflows of more than $20 billion. Upon arrival in Nigeria, Anjarwalla was detained.

Typically, arrest warrants are issued for a certain period of time, after which authorities must apply for extensions. If this does not happen, the detention is unlawful. In this case, the Abuja court issued a 14-day detention order. It expired on March 12.

Despite the expiry of the term, Nadeem Anjarwalla is still being held. He is not alone, as he is detained together with Tigran Gambaryan, another director of Binance. The Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is responsible for their detention.

The families of the pair are now expressing their concerns as pleas for the two’s release remain unanswered. Despite contacting diplomatic missions and government agencies, there has been no progress yet.

Elahe Anjarwalla, Nadeem’s wife, has serious concerns about her husband’s well-being. She mentions the limited access to medical care and legal advice. She also laments the emotional toll of Nadeem’s absence, especially missing their son’s first birthday on March 21.

The matter is still not over… To be continued, no doubt!


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