“Airdrops” are free distributions of crypto-assets. There are different types. BFM Crypto helps you see things more clearly.

• What is a crypto airdrop?

A crypto airdrop is a strategy used by some companies working on a cryptocurrency project that involves distributing “tokens” or tokens (usually for free) to specific wallet addresses. These airdrops aim to promote the general public adoption of new blockchain projects by multiplying the number of holders.

• What are the different types of airdrop?

Le “airdrop standard”:

A web 3 project will inform (generally via social networks) that it will distribute tokens for free. Those interested will then provide a wallet address on the website of this project to receive their token. Be careful, there are many scams on social networks and it is better to go directly to the project website rather than following unverified links.

The “airdrop holder” or “airdrop for token holders”:

This type of airdrop aims to reward loyal members of the project by sending more tokens to wallets that already hold the cryptocurrency (a kind of interest paid to holders). If you don’t hold cryptocurrencies, many sites like Airdrop.io or Coinmarketcap list future token distributions.

Le “airdrop bounty”:

Popular on Coinbase in particular, these airdrops are based on tasks to be carried out by users. The latter must, for example, subscribe to an X account (ex-Twitter), like a Facebook page or join a Telegram group for example. In exchange, the platform or project distributes one or more tokens to them as a thank you. This offer is based on a win-win scenario. The company or project benefits from a free marketing campaign and users get free cryptocurrencies.

• Where can you find airdrops?

To find out when a cryptocurrency will be distributed for free, some sites list future distributions. This is the case of Coinmarketcap, which has a page dedicated to airdrops. Some Discord, Telegram and X pages also list them as well as some project newsletters. These airdrops are a good way to get started in cryptocurrencies without investing.

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