In 2023, investors made $37.6 billion in gains in cryptocurrencies. The United States and the United Kingdom are at the top of the ranking, France is lagging behind.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, there are those who hold their assets for the long term and those who sell them. In 2023, crypto investors made $37.6 billion in cryptocurrency gains, according to Chainalysis’ annual report. This is much more than in 2022, when investors lost $127 billion, but still far from the $159.7 billion gained during the last bull market of 2021.

Investors made the biggest gains in the United States, with $9.36 billion. In second and third place are the United Kingdom and Vietnam with gains of $1.39 billion and $1.18 billion, respectively.

France lagging behind

Chainalysis has not published a study on the year 2022, which is a record year of loss for the sector with the fall of the Terra Luna ecosystem and FTX. But between the 2021 study and 2023, the cards have been reshuffled for investors. If the United States and the United Kingdom remain the first two countries in the ranking, Vietnam and China have taken the place of Germany and Japan in third and fourth position.

“A large portion of Asian countries achieved significant gains, exceeding $1 billion, demonstrating strong adoption of cryptocurrencies in these regions,” emphasizes Chainalysis.

Conversely, France comes in 16th position in the ranking, with $0.72 billion in earnings in 2023. In 2021, France ranked 8th, with more than four billion dollars in earnings.

It will be recalled that in France, cryptocurrencies fall within the scope of the 30% flat tax (the single flat-rate levy or PFU, with 17.2% social security contributions to which is added 12.8% income tax), with a dedicated regime concerning digital assets.

To calculate investor gains, Chainalysis observed the incoming and outgoing movements of cryptocurrencies via certain services, including cryptocurrency exchanges.


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