Imagine a world where professionals can optimize processes, generate more value and achieve the best results in less time. This may seem distant and futuristic, but with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this reality is increasingly evident. Job vacancies that mention AI or Generative AI have more than tripled in Brazil in the last two years, according to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends Report, AI has – not so subtly – become a central element in several sectors.

In marketing and sales, as it evolves, it further revolutionizes strategies, business practices and results. Many professionals in the sector have already discovered how AI can be a powerful ally to increase productivity and improve their results, as indicated by the Panorama Marketing Survey, which reveals that approximately 60% of professionals already say they use ChatGPT in their routines, and that 73 % see AI as the most relevant strategy to generate more productivity in the coming years.

On the other hand, for those who still don’t use it, there is fear about the future of work. With the growth of a lot of information, rumors of the unknown were created and myths emerged – such as that AI can replace human beings. This is not true. The human essence and the audience’s deep understanding of products and services remain fundamental. In a practical way, AI is already a reality and has enhanced the capabilities of these professionals: data from Bain & Company shows that professionals who use AI in their daily lives experience an increase of up to 50% in productivity.

With task automation, people can dedicate their skills, time and knowledge to other more strategic demands, such as optimizing advertising campaigns, with real-time analysis, AI can adjust campaigns to maximize ROI; content creation, from emails, landing pages, ads, posts on social networks.

In addition to optimizing processes, AI allows professionals to do better. AI can be used to analyze large volumes of data, identify trends and opportunities, gather valuable insights, and make business, marketing and sales strategies more informed and effective. This can help companies make better decisions and improve their results.

AI also brings together advantages for a more personalized experience. Through segmentation, it is possible to perform predictive analysis of behaviors and trends to provide the best recommendations. Using ChatBots and Virtual Assistants, professionals can relate to customers in a more meaningful way.

In short, we are at a turning point in Artificial Intelligence, which is still a vast and diverse field. However, the attributes of Artificial Intelligence are undeniable and it is undeniable that this is the opportunity for those who want to stand out in the Marketing and Sales market, discover the real potential of this tool and navigate deeper results in a practical way.

*Zachary Fox, Senior Director of Marketing at RD Station


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