Ether, USDC but also tokens bearing his image… The former American president owns 79 different cryptocurrencies.

20 million dollars. This is the value of Donald Trump’s crypto portfolio. The former president and now candidate in the next American presidential election of 2024 holds many cryptocurrencies, more or less popular.

Thanks to the Arkham Intelligence platform, which allows everyone to follow live the cryptocurrencies held by certain personalities, we were able to analyze Donald Trump’s portfolio.

Screenshot of Donald Trump's crypto portfolio
Screenshot of Donald Trump’s crypto portfolio © Arkham

The former President of the United States holds classic cryptocurrencies (466 ether for a total amount of 1.78 million dollars), 19,390 USDC (each worth 1 dollar, or 19,390 dollars), but also tokens bearing his image. For example, he owns nearly 580,000 “TRUMP” tokens for an amount of $9.89 million and more than 282 million “MAGA” tokens (whose name is inspired by his slogan “Make America great again”) for a valuation at just over $124,000. He also has different “Baby Trump” tokens. Note that Donald Trump does not own any bitcoin.

The value of Donald Trump’s crypto portfolio increased from $1.55 million on January 1 to $20 million on June 3, an increase of 1,190% in 5 months. This very strong increase can be explained, among other things, by the explosion in the value of its “TRUMP” token, which rose from 0.25 dollars on January 1 to 14.01 dollars on May 31, an increase of 5,504%.

Over the years, the former President of the United States has gradually changed his rhetoric towards the cryptocurrency sector in order to attract pro-crypto voters disappointed by Joe Biden’s administration. Donald Trump is now a staunch defender of cryptos. He also became the first American presidential candidate to accept donations in cryptocurrencies for his campaign.


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