An unknown whale has managed to withdraw a huge amount of 64,000 ethereum from the market in 11 days. This information was unearthed by the blockchain analytics platform Loononchain, which is always on top of these types of huge transactions.

All in all, the whale’s purchases were worth $178.9 million.

Whale is aggressively purchasing Ethereum

The blockchain explorer called Etherscan shows that the whale’s buying frenzy started on February 8 with the purchase of 1,100 ethereum. Followed by another purchase of 9,959 ethereum worth $24.67 million a few days later.

Those ethers were purchased on Binance.

Then the whale with extremely deep pockets spent another $60 million in USDT to attract 21,353 ethereum at the price of $2,810. After that big purchase, the whale in question withdrew another 10,649 ethereum from Binance.

Yesterday, the investor casually added another 11,587 ethereum that he (or she) withdrew from Binance.


At the time of writing, the Ethereum price is ~$3,000, meaning the whale has already managed to make a decent profit on his purchases.

$222 million in Ethereum

If we can believe the data from Arkham Intelligence, this whale has now built a total stack of 74,383 ethereum. At current prices, those ethers are worth approximately $222 million.

Furthermore, the whale also has 5,419 worth of Staked Ethereum worth $16.02 million on Lido Finance’s DeFi platform.

The investor in question also still has $29.9 million in USDT in his wallets. This brings the total value of his investments to a huge amount of ~$268 million.

If Ethereum experiences a bull run as it did in the past, special things could happen for this whale. If his portfolio increases by 400 percent from here, he can officially call himself a billionaire.


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