-->After a number of weeks of rising prices, the crypto market has been experiencing a dip since Friday. Bitcoin lost about $5,000 of its value and the rest of the market has followed this trend. This means that the crypto market is still in excellent shape compared to previous months.

Analysts expect that a new altcoin season may be coming, with the coins under Bitcoin performing stronger than Bitcoin itself. In this article we look at the contenders in the altcoin market to explode in a new crypto rally.

Bitcoin is falling; what will the next crypto rally bring?

The crypto market once started with just Bitcoin, but now there are thousands of other coins and tokens that have taken over part of the market. As a result, Bitcoin’s dominance in the market has decreased in recent years as shown in the graph below.

bitcoin dominance

In recent years, Bitcoin dominance has hovered around 50%, meaning that half of the $2.5 trillion market value is occupied by the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

In January 2021, there was a major decline in dominance, while Bitcoin rose from a value of around $10,000 to more than $60,000. Altcoins managed to perform even better at the time.

It is expected that this will happen again in the coming period, while Bitcoin will probably record increases again due to the upcoming Bitcoin halving and the great interest in the crypto market.

Altcoins such as Ethereum, Solana and Cardano will play a major role in this. As a trader, however, the increases in these altcoins will remain limited, as they already represent a value of many billions at the moment. For the really exploding altcoins, it is best to look for new crypto coins, although these do entail an extra risk.

Which altcoin will explode in altcoin season?

Below you will find a number of new crypto coins, some of which are still for sale in a presale while others are currently traded on decentralized exchanges. By investing in one of these crypto coins now, you can get ahead of major developments and benefit as soon as the altcoin season really starts.

Dogecoin20 – Meme crypto to watch

Dogecoin20 is a new meme token that was launched the day before yesterday through a presale. The token was developed on the Ethereum blockchain and aims to solve some of the major problems of the original Dogecoin to become a more stable and better choice for traders.

A big difference is that the original Dogecoin runs on its own blockchain, which is a hard fork of the Bitcoin chain and therefore also uses Proof-of-Work. This allows the coin to be mined, but this is only available to traders who have a good setup at home and sufficient technical knowledge. DOGE20 tokens, on the other hand, can easily be locked for staking, allowing anyone to participate.

Another problem with Dogecoin is the fact that there is no limit to the number of DOGE tokens that come onto the market. Through the mining principle described above, new tokens continue to be added, causing inflation, a problem that is often solved with cryptocurrency.

There are a total of 140 billion tokens of Dogecoin20 and there will never be more tokens added. You can now buy the tokens via the Dogecoin20 website by exchanging ETH, USDT or BNB. The tokens can then be immediately staked to earn additional tokens.

Green Bitcoin – Best crypto for Bitcoin price increase

The Green Bitcoin token has been available in a presale for some time and has already raised more than $5 million. The token also introduces the ‘Gamified Green Staking’ model to the market, a model in which the reward for staking no longer depends solely on the number of tokens you stake.

When staking the tokens, you also enter what you expect from the price of Bitcoin. The better your prediction turns out to be when the staking period is over, the higher the number of tokens you receive.

green bitcoin elon musk cryptogreen bitcoin elon musk crypto

You can try out the new staking model immediately by investing in the presale on the Green Bitcoin website. After purchasing the tokens you can immediately pin them for staking so that you can claim even more tokens when the presale ends.

Sponge V2 – New Sponge token achieves great success

Last year there was the Sponge token, which recorded a 100x increase, but now there is Sponge V2. The new variant of the token will soon be launched on exchanges and should exceed the success of the previous token.

The team behind the token has continued to develop the project, which includes a Play-to-Earn game with which you can race Spongebob to earn even more tokens.

Initially, holders of the original Sponge token were given the opportunity to bridge their tokens to the new variant, but everyone can now buy the tokens on the project’s website. This can be done with ETH, USDT or MATIC.

5thScape – Will this VR token rise

In the crypto market there are all kinds of tokens that focus on a specific technological development. The new 5thScape project focuses entirely on the development of Virtual Reality.

For example, 5thScape will publish games itself and will come with its own VR headset. In total there are more than 5 billion tokens, 80% of which were made available during the presale.

5thScape, fastest growing crypto5thScape, fastest growing crypto

By developing a complete VR ecosystem with its own games and hardware, 5thScape can become a major player in this market. At the moment, only a few major electronics brands focus on this, but do not see it as a core business.

Smog – Big success for Solana meme coin

One of the best performing meme coins of the past period is the Smog token. This token was recently launched on the decentralized Solana exchanges and quickly saw huge increases to over $0.35, while it started at a price around $0.04.

The token has now suffered a small correction, just like the rest of the market. However, interest may increase again in the coming period due to the airdrop that the Smog token holds. Many tokens are given away to everyone who owns Smog tokens, has them set for staking or to everyone who has completed assignments within Zealy.

To also earn airdrop points, it is easiest to buy the token yourself. This can be done via the widget on the Smog website or by going to a decentralized exchange such as Jupiter yourself.

Disclaimer: This article contains insights from independent authors and is not part of BitcoinMagazine.nl’s editorial content. This is not investment advice, please do your own research.

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