Dogecoin (DOGE) has held the title as meme coin king since the existence of meme coins, or crypto coins in general. The fluffy goon was at the center of the rallying cries to go x1000. The token sent shockwaves through the crypto sector with its long and extreme pumps.

However, a new challenger has just entered the arena like a gladiator preparing for battle. The newcomer is making seasoned meme coin traders pay attention to him. WienerAI ($WAI), a dog-themed meme coin with an AI twist, is poised to take over a large portion of the meme coin market.

The legacy of Dogecoin and the rise of WienerAI

wienerai presale

The OG dog meme coin’s rise to superstardom was fueled by a combination of community, celebrity endorsements (AHEM, Elon), and “dank memes” that made people laugh and fall in love with DOGE. Doge was everything we loved about the internet: weirdness, absurdity, and cute animals. From its humble beginnings as fractions of a cent to the battle for $1, DOGE was the “People’s Coin.”

‘Was’ is the word to pay attention to above. Doge is still a pioneer, but there isn’t much gas left in the tank. To be honest, meme coin enthusiasts aren’t going to get excited about 20% gains.

This is where the new AI meme coin, WienerAI, is hitting home hard. The cybernetic wiener dog not only fulfills the beloved dog theme, but it connects it to an AI story. This is an ideal combination, because AI crypto is currently extremely popular with both crypto acquaintances and ‘normies’. This gives WienerAI, whose presale just started a few days ago, an incredibly strong story and a goal. Dogecoin was mainly a satirical swipe at Bitcoin. While WienerAI introduces utility right from the start, with the aim of mixing AI innovation with memes.

$100,000 in 3 minutes: The WienierAI presale phenomenon

The second the WienierAI presale went live, it already received attention from influencers and crypto traders. Within the first three minutes, the project raised more than $100,000. Even though WienerAI isn’t bragging, they’d probably feel pretty sure of themselves right now. This explosion from the starting blocks gives a similar feeling to BOME and DOGE.

The presale has 30 phases. The price of the tokens will increase with each phase, allowing early investors to grab big profits.


Why WienerAI can probably beat Dogecoin

Dogecoin is the OG, the first of its kind. Its charm and community are truly unmistakable. However, it’s getting a bit old and investors seem to be moving away from this old titan. WienerAI’s presale and its technological perspective attract the new wave of crypto traders who are entering the blockchain during this bull run. WienerAI could well surpass Dogecoin’s impact and returns. This is why:

  • Real technology: WienierAI is not just a joke but a meme coin with really serious technology. This gives the coin a big advantage over Dogecoin and other memes.
  • Scarcity: As long as the presale is running, the price will increase in each phase. This means that investing in WienierAI could become increasingly lucrative. That mainly applies to early investors, compared to DOGE’s inflationary token model.
  • Early momentum: The lightning-fast fundraising during the presale indicates that there is a lot of interest in the token, which means great market potential.

”WienerAI is the first wiener/dog/artificial intelligence combination ever created. It is the most powerful cyber being in the universe. This sausage is on the hunt for the ‘top dog’ title on the charts. He will first have to expand his legions of allies. For this, Wiener offers huge staking rewards every day during the presale. This causes the number of fans to grow by thousands. His Sausage army is almost ready to march: will you join their quest?”

Where to buy WienerAI? The presale is now live

Currently, all WienerAI tokens can only be purchased via the official website during the presale. Interested investors are urged to act quickly. This ensures they receive the lowest possible price and the highest possible staking rewards.

Now to WienerAI

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