-->Big news for fans of Dogwifhat (WIF), because the meme coin was listed on Binance yesterday at 3:00 PM. As a result of this news, WIF has shot to a new All-Time High of $2.40, while the meme coin has risen by ~+40% in the past 24 hours to a market cap above $2 billion.

Due to the Binance listing of WIF, trading volume increased by +200% to $1.4 billion. Is this just the beginning of the meme crypto rally and will Dogwifhat overtake Pepe?

New ATH for Dogwifhat After Binance Listing – What Will WIF Do?

The Dogwifhat price is up about +40% today, +170% in the past week and +870% in the past 30 days. WIF’s strong growth is thanks to Bitcoin rising above $60,000 and giving meme coins a big boost.

Meme coins like Dogwifhat have risen parabolically, causing many meme coins to double in value or rise even further. Dogwifhat is now one of the largest meme coins and with a market cap of $2 billion, could soon overtake PEPE at $3 billion.

Dogwifhat rate chart
Dogwifhat rate chart – TradingView

The graph above shows how strongly the meme coin is above its 30-day moving average (yellow) and how many green candlesticks WIF has posted over the past 2 weeks. The high Relative Strength index (RSI) of 86 shows that WIF may be overvalued, but so far there does not appear to be a correction.

WIF has further risen in popularity after the meme coin received a Binance listing yesterday, reaching a new All-Time High of $2.30 before falling back towards $2.10.

According to Binance, Dogwifhat will be available via the trading pairs WIF/BTC, WIF/USDT, WIF/FDUSD and WIF/TRY. Binance has also given the meme coin a Seed Tag, a label that indicates that WIF is an “innovative project that can be more volatile than other tokens listed on the exchange.”

To trade WIF through Binance, users must complete a number of quizzes every 90 days, these quizzes ensure that the user knows where he or she stands.

Although WIF is currently undergoing a correction towards $2, the meme crypto hype appears to be far from over, and Dogwifhat could set a new ATH towards the end of the week. WIF could then reach as high as $3 early next week.

But with a market cap of $2 billion, a lot of volume is needed for the meme coin to rise, so traders who missed the pump from WIF would rather look at smaller meme coins with more potential to rise.

Which Crypto Will Explode in Ongoing Meme Crypto Rally?

Today there are many meme coins being launched with a low market cap, but a large part of these are either pump & dumps or back pulls. Fortunately, there are also serious projects that will not collapse in a day, but can provide those big meme coin gains.

The meme coins below are from verified projects that aim to build their own community. The meme coins below have a low market cap and a lot of potential to rise, without having to worry about back pulls.

Peen (PEEN)

Peen (PEEN) is a cheeky meme coin that launched yesterday on Ethereum and went x3 from here. Yet this lame meme coin still has a market cap of less than $1 million, leaving plenty of room for further increases.

The project aims to build a close-knit community based on crude humor and reach a market cap of $100 million. However, this does not stop Peen from going even higher and perhaps becoming the new Dogwifhat in the long term, but without a hat.

You can buy this new meme coin via Uniswap and via the official website. Peen was launched yesterday with a fair launch and did not hold a presale. You can buy the token for just under $0.001 and potentially benefit from a decent pump, in which Peen could become worth $0.01 or more.

Smog (SMOG)

Smog (SMOG) is a meme coin that launched on Solana last month and has received a lot of attention for its promising crypto airdrop. The Smog team is planning to make the largest airdrop Solana has ever seen.

By buying and holding Smog you participate in the airdrop and by collecting airdrop points your airdrop increases even more. You can earn these points by staking SMOG or completing quests via the Zealy.io platform.

You can buy SMOG from the official website and Jupiter. By purchasing and staking SMOG through the website, you not only earn a 42% APY and airdrop points, but you also get the tokens at a 10% discount.

Scotty The AI (SCOTTY)

Scotty The AI ​​(SCOTTY) focuses on the AI ​​revolution, but remains a meme coin by nature, based on a black Scottish Terrier. Scotty aims to build a strong community, where users benefit from extra protection against hackers and scams, while gaining access to useful AI tools that allow them to get more out of the crypto market.

For example, you can use ScottySwap to swap tokens as efficiently as possible for maximum profit, or talk to the chatbot, ScottyChat. In addition to these tools, Scotty will launch even more AI crypto features, which will further strengthen the project’s community and grow demand for SCOTTY.

SCOTTY is available for purchase in presale for $0.00755 per token and will launch on exchanges soon. If this happens, SCOTTY could potentially benefit from the current crypto meme hype, causing the token to be undervalued and skyrocket.

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