The crypto market is moving sideways today as the Bitcoin halving approaches, but Pepe coin has risen +6% to a market cap of over $2.2 billion. Pepe was overtaken in March by Dogwifhat, which saw a big surge the previous month, reaching a new All-Time High of $4.85.

Today WIF is falling, while Pepe is climbing, is this a sign that PEPE could soon overtake WIF again?

PEPE vs. WIF – what is the best crypto investment today?

The Pepe price also reached an ATH above $0.000010 in March, but has only declined since that point. Today, PEPE lifts about -50% below its ATH at $0.0000053 after the meme coin bottomed at $0.0000039 earlier this week.

PEPE is also well below its 30-day average (yellow), which has been declining since last week. This falling indicator serves as technical resistance and can further suppress the Pepe price.

Pepe rate chart
Pepe rate chart – TradingView

Dogwifhat has a similar problem and has also fallen more than -50% below its ATH and is also being suppressed by its declining 30-day moving average. Both meme coins have fallen considerably due to a crypto market crash and therefore both have a lot of catching up to do.

Although PEPE is rising today, WIF could benefit from a rising Solana price after the Solana blockchain appears to be stable again. Currently, WIF is still about $400 million above PEPE in market capitalization, which may make it difficult for the Ethereum meme coin to overtake Dogwifhat.

Both cryptocurrencies have a large community and potential to rise significantly when the market recovers. In the event that the Bitcoin price manages to reclaim $70,000, Pepe could go back to $0.00001 and Dogwifhat back above $4.

Alternatives to Dogwifhat and Pepe with more potential

It could well be that both PEPE and WIF are overvalued, which is why they deviated so much from their ATH. It is therefore no guarantee that the meme coins can return to their ATH in the short and medium term.

In addition, there are small cryptos with the potential to rise much faster than PEPE and WIF. In this article we look at some promising new crypto coins that could rise in the short term, but also remain relevant in the longer term.

Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE)

Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) is a meme coin that does not just focus on one blockchain, but rather capitalizes on the popularity of multiple blockchains in the emerging crypto bull run. The new meme coin is for sale in the presale and has already raised $ 6 million in one week.

While many meme coins opt for Ethereum or Solana, DOGEVERSE has the unique advantage of being able to trade the meme coin on and between multiple chains. The meme coin will be available on Ethereum, the Binance chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana and Base.

You can purchase DOGEVERSE for $0.000296 each and have the option to stake the meme coin for passive income during the presale. Dogeverse will soon launch its token on exchanges and it could increase significantly in value, given the current popularity of the meme coin.

Slothana (SLOTH)

Not only Dogwifhat benefits from the fact that the Solana blockchain is more stable again after several weeks of busy times on the network. The new Slothana (SLOTH), which has raised more than $10 million in a few weeks with its presale, can also increase significantly in value in the near future.

Slothana aims to reach a market cap of $420 million after launch and lead its community to an alternative way of making money without having to work for it. The sloth is done with work life and wants to help his community make money with crypto.

With just a few days to go before the presale ends, you can purchase SLOTH for 1 SOL per 10,000 tokens. The token will be launched soon and purchased tokens will automatically enter your wallet as an airdrop, meaning you don’t have to claim anything manually.

Mega Dice token (DICE)

Mega Dice is an existing web3 casino that will soon launch its new token DICE on Solana. The casino will leverage the Solana blockchain to provide a seamless gaming experience with additional benefits for token holders.

You can use the Mega Dice token token in the Mega Dice casino and via the Telegram bot and get access to exclusive games, but it is also a very attractive token for investors. You can stake DICE to passively earn additional rewards based on the casino’s revenue.

The Mega Dice presale has already raised over $320,000 and right now you can buy DICE for $0.069 each with SOL, ETH, BNB or USDT. The token will be launched soon and you will be able to use the token for lucrative staking rewards and exclusive content on the platform.

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