-->Worldcoin, a crypto project that stores digital identities via the blockchain based on iris scans and rewards users for this, increased considerably in popularity last week. In a new revival of the hype, WLD rose over 160% last week with another pump of over +20% in the last 24 hours.

WLD is currently worth $8.32 per token and could climb even further in the near future due to strong hype. That’s why Worldcoin is a crypto to keep an eye on this week.

Worldcoin Explodes After New Crypto Hype Wave

Worldcoin was launched in August 2023 by Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI (developer of ChatGPT). Users could earn free WLD tokens by scanning their iris, which was the start of the initial hype. However, the project faced controversy and legal issues due to the collection of biometric data from users.

Despite new applications of AI, Worldcoin still has a limited number of functions and the project still has a lot of room to grow. In addition, it is not yet possible worldwide to verify your digital identity using an iris scan. This is something that can change.

About a week ago, World Coin experienced a surge in popularity after the app reached over 1 million daily users.

From the moment the above tweet was shared, Worldcoin has almost doubled in value. With support from tech giant Microsoft, the project has the potential to grow a lot. A market cap of $1.1 billion would then not have to be the limit for WLD in the long term.

Analysis Worldcoin Price

After its initial explosion in August 2023, Worldcoin gradually disappeared from the radar before the project resurfaced last week. you can see that the 30 and 200 day moving averages are almost flat, but the 30-day (yellow) moving average has now started climbing.

Due to last week’s hype, the Relative Strength Index (RS) has reached the overvalued level of 83. This signals that there is a chance of a correction for the altcoin, provided the hype subsides.

Worldcoin rate chart
Worldcoin rate chart – TradingView

Whether this is just a wave of hype or the start of the project’s growth is still unclear, but the expectation is that WLD can climb even further in the coming days as the crypto market is on the rise on Thursday.

If Worldcoin’s rise is based on more than hype, the AI ​​crypto could rise further to $20 or more this year. If the increase is purely based on hype, the price could cool towards $5 or lower.

Missed Worldcoin Pump? These New Cryptos Could Rise Much More

While spot Bitcoin ETFs are seeing a lot of capital inflows, Worldcoin has once again exploded in value and popularity. While the hype may not be over yet, you’ve probably already missed most of the pump.

For that reason, it is a better idea to look at other small cryptos with the potential to rise much faster in the near future. Below we have 2 standouts that have received a lot of attention from investors and are poised to explode.

Smog (SMOG)

Smog is a new meme coin that launched 2 weeks ago and has risen almost 10x since that day to a peak around $0.095 per token. Smog is a real gem, because the project has ambitious plans to make Smog the biggest meme coin ever, by holding one of the largest crypto airdrops on Solana.

By holding SMOG tokens you are eligible for the crypto airdrop. The more airdrop points you collect, the larger your share of the airdrop will be. you earn airdrop points by completing daily and one-time quests on zealy.io and by staking SMOG for passive rewards and extra points.

You can buy SMOG through the decentralized exchange, Jupiter and through the official website. Because Smog is still a brand new meme coin, it has the potential to experience a greater increase than Worldcoin, especially now that the value of Smog is somewhat lower today.

Sponge V2 (SPONGE)

Another interesting crypto to keep an eye on is Sponge V2, the successor to Sponge V1 which rose x100 from its launch last year. Sponge V2 hopes to repeat its success, having already risen more than 150% since its launch and bringing token holders 2 new forms of utility.

First, you can stake Sponge V2 for an annual return of 189%, which can never drop below 40%. In addition, SPONGE can be used in the emerging crypto game that will be launched soon. This allows you to earn extra tokens based on your score in this game.

You can buy Sponge V2 via the website sponge.vip and the decentralized exchange Uniswap. By staking SPONGE you will earn passive rewards daily and contribute to further increases in the token’s price.

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