A question has arisen that may involve surprise, anger and resignation from many Community Managers. But the melon is there and it’s time to open it, so here we go.

Does anyone care about captions on Instagram?

Let’s not beat around the bush: we do not know. But neither us nor anyone (unless you have a tool to measure it, in which case Let’s see when you show it to us!).

The importance of texts on Instagram is a fairly subjective topic and depends on a multitude of factors, but we have taken the trouble to compile you some certainties there are about it. This way we can draw conclusions together about whether The time you spend writing texts for this social network would be better spent on karaoke… o no.

Instagram is a visual network

This truism is the basis from which we must start: Instagram was conceived and is used by its users as a visual social network. Therefore, since we spend much less time looking at an image than reading a text, Content consumption is going at a stratospheric speed on this network. And if not, tell it to the videos, which were the great future of Instagram and yet still have lower engagement data than the photos.

The text is a complement to the image, which puts it in context or develops the message it wants to convey. But we have become such a visual society that even We have inserted the images into the text. Something like that ➡️😏🖕📝.

Emojis are already present in 57% of Instagram profiles


Have you not already seen some photos that only have a couple of emojis as their titles? The invasion has begun: tremble, texts.

Captions on Instagram matter… half

The average user is not as skeptical as those who are sick of digital marketing: in their own profile He still gives a lot of importance to the texts I writeand. All you have to do is check the keyword “Instagram Caption” in Google Trends: the popularity of this search has not stopped growing in the last three years, and the results are full of articles with “creative” ideas to title our photos.

Who knows, maybe personal copywriter be the profession of the future…

But, on the other side of the coin, we are the brands. That our audience gives importance to their own texts It doesn’t mean that you value (or even read) ours.

On the one hand, the logic of Instagram tells us that in the face of such rapid consumption our texts should be very concise. But, on the other hand, the algorithm will reward us if the user spends more time on our post (and, if we make them read more, it will be time that we will retain them).

On the Internet you can find a multitude of posts that claim to have «the perfect length for Instagram texts«. However, no one supports it with real data. And, while National Geographic claims it with long explanatory paragraphs, Beyoncé does not put a single letter in her titles and continues to break the internet every time she publishes.

View this post on Instagram

Photo by David Chancellor @chancellordavid | Relocating black rhino, Eastern Cape, South Africa. It may not appear less stressful to move them this way (for the rhino anyway), but believe me it is. In this huge relocation from a national park in South Africa to an undisclosed location, black rhino were darted from the helicopter and, once tranquillized, they were fitted with earplugs, blindfolded, and lifted by the same helicopter from the impenetrable bush just a short distance to another waiting vet team. There they were woken and placed into trucks for the journey to their new home. The alternative option of trying to extract them by hand, foot, and road from the dense bush would have been far more stressful than a short, sleepy flight. It’s worth pointing out that this extraordinary team had zero injuries and zero fatalities during the entire move of these amazing creatures. To see more from here and elsewhere, follow @chancellordavid @thephotosociety @natgeo @everydayextinction

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The magic word: de – pen – de

As almost always on the internet, when it comes to texts on Instagram there are no magic formulas. It all depends on what you are and what you want to do. A conversion-oriented creative will need an informative plan that can only be provided through text, while a brand piece may work perfectly without any headline.

Hay some details regarding the text quite logical, such as that it is very likely that hashtags are good for your metrics (and these are still text), that bad spelling is a BIG NO on the internet for your sales or that the Instagram algorithm rewards publications that we spend more time watching.

And then? Write captions on Instagram?

Even with the amount of apparently contradictory information we have brought, we remain hopeful of reaching a conclusion from all of this. And it is a conclusion that we had learned from before, and with which we increasingly agree.

Your texts will only be relevant if they add value

If the user finds in the text of your publication the hours of your business or the price of the product you show, it will have been a success. And if in the text you tell him an honest part of your reality with which he identifies, too. Which will always work against you will be the texts you write to fill outfor dressing the photo, for fulfilling.

As Beyoncé said one day (yes, it was her):

“If what you have to say is no better than silence, don’t say it”


Not on Instagram either..

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