OX (former Twitter) adopted new rules to officially allow the publication of adult content on its platform. Today (03), the official “Safety” profile posted that the social network has implemented new policies for “adult content and violent content”, which aim to clarify how the new rules will be applied.

OX considers as “adult content” any publication that contains adult and consensual sexual connotations, including nudity through images, photographs, animations and videos. Accounts with this type of material should not be banned, but they need to properly categorize posts, in addition to avoiding nudity in the profile photo and banner.

The categorization of posts will prevent users under the age of 18 (with accounts configured with their date of birth) from accessing NFSW (acronym in English for “not safe at work”) material. Labels also prevent posts from being automatically filtered.

New X rules officially allow adult content, but creators need to categorize posts appropriately. (Image: Getty Images)Fonte:  GettyImages

The new rules also prohibit content that “promotes exploitation, non-consent, objectification, sexualization or harm to minors and obscene behavior”.

It is worth noting that material created by generative AI is also included in this classification. “Violent content” basically boils down to hate speech in all its forms.

X never went so far as to ban adult content

Despite the announcement, in fact, X never banned or combatted publications with sexual content. Proof of this is that there are several famous creators on the platform, as well as official accounts from major studios.

This type of material was even promoted from “Twitter Blue” accounts (now called X Premium). These profiles can encourage your followers to pay to see your posts.

According to the ReutersIn 2021, 13% of all posts on X were about adult content. But this number must have grown substantially, since the platform was “flooded” with so-called “porn bots”.

Now, following an official announcement, X is expected to gain even more relevance for adult content creators.

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/redes-sociais/284598-x-adota-novas-regras-permitir-conteudo-adulto-oficialmente.htm

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