Santiment, an on-chain analytics company, has highlighted the growth of non-empty XRP wallets. In a tweet, Santiment compared the growth of these portfolios to that of other top market caps over the past six months, presenting the net change in this metric within that specific period.

Over the past six months, the number of non-empty XRP wallets has increased dramatically to an impressive 5.2 million, corresponding to a growth of 7%. According to data from XRP Ledger services, an XRP Ledger explorer, there are currently 5,183,760 accounts on the XRP Ledger, holding a whopping 59,778,941,576 XRP. Of these accounts, only 1,939 had a zero balance.

The growth in non-empty wallets could suggest new users and investors are entering the XRP ecosystem. As XRP gains traction as a mainstream asset, more people are looking to buy and hold XRP tokens, leading to an increase in the number of active wallets.

There are more and more newcomers joining the XRP ecosystem. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has his enthusiasm expressed on the growth in the number of events led by the XRP community, including the XRP Gold Coast event in March, as well as the XRP Las Vegas and XRPL Apex. Garlinghouse is excited about additional Indigenous opportunities for projects built on the Ledger, indicating momentum is building.

A sharp increase in the movement of inactive tokens has been observed on the XRP Ledger

According to Saintly the XRP Ledger has seen significant movement of dormant tokens at the beginning of May. The ‘Token Age Consumed’ metric shows that this is strikingly similar to the spike in old coin moves observed on April 13, just before the markets crashed and XRP fell -16% in value.

This time, however, it is argued that this move in old coins is linked to possible buying interest from key stakeholders, and since the peak in May, prices have risen slightly. Likewise, open interest at trade shows has reached a three-week high. On May 2, XRP’s total open interest on exchanges reached $483.4 million, the highest since April 13.


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