You have already updated your bio de twitteryou have used the sizes of recommended images around the site and you have even decided to take advantage of the Twitter Cards. Still, you know you can have more followers and that it is possible to expand the reach of your publications much further, right? Therefore, in this article I will share with you 10 effective tips to boost your Twitter accountwhose implementation will give you Very good results in less than you imagine.

10 tips that you should apply to activate the growth of your Twitter account

1- Learn from your competitors

To make your twitter account grow, a highly effective starting point is analyze your competitors. Spend some time studying the type of content that they share, the times they publish and its most successful tweets allows you to obtain a reference proven effective to be able to guide your own strategy in the red de microblogging.

grow your Twitter account with our selection of tips

2- Use URL Builder to measure the effectiveness of your links

If you wish increase web traffic to your place and for this you share your content on Twittercan measure the effectiveness of your posts with the help of URL Builder de Google. This tool allows you to add a code to your links, capable of providing you with data about the link content and the origin of each of the visitors of your website. Thus, this tool helps you analyze aspects such as what is your organic trafficwhich is a consequence of a good CTR on Twitter, and which is due to effective advertising in that or other Social networks.

3- Pin tweets to promote your most recent or important content

When disseminating your proposals, a highly effective strategy is pin your tweets about your latest content o important. When you do this, the post in question remains permanently displayed in the most prominent place on your profile, that is, just below the header. This allows that specific tweet to be the first thing people who visit your site see. twitter account.

Boost your Twitter account with these tips

Furthermore, the function of Pin Tweets offers you very beneficial opportunities, such as the possibility of pin posts con Photos o informative videos about your proposals. An interesting fact is that you can pin posts with GIF imageswhich will always be shown in motion.

10 tips that will help your Twitter account grow

4- Include the best hashtags in your posts

Utilizar hashtags it helps you to increase the exposure of your postssince they are the tags that allow users to find your tweets through the Twitter search engine.

At the same time, there are extremely useful tools that allow you to knowWhat are the most effective hashtags to include in your posts?. One of them is RiteTagone of the best and most practical extensions for Social Media. With its help you can easily analyze what are the most popular tagswithout having to abandon your navigation.

How to give a boost to your Twitter account?

5- Take care of the quality of your followers

Having, for example, a thousand followers does not mean that all of them are quality. What does this mean? That many times they can follow your twitter accountpeople who They are not really interested in your content (and consequently, they will not value them or help you spread them). Now, how can you make sure they follow you? the right users? The answer is simple: analyzing your audience.

You can carry out this survey with the help of FollowerWonka tool created for study your Twitter community. With its help you can know who are your followers, where are they located y What times do they connect? to the Red Social. At the same time, it provides you with information to identify the most influential tweeters of your industry and offers you graphs to easily understand your account metrics.

Essential tips to boost your Twitter account

6- Check the performance of your tweets

A fundamental pillar to boost your twitter account es analyze the impact your tweets have on your followers. Knowing which publications have received the most retweets or at what times you have achieved the most interactions from your audience are valuable data that allow you to guide your steps on the Social Network.

Thus, through Twitter Analytics You can check which content your followers like the most to share more posts of that type. There you can also check the performance of your account over time and review what type of interactions your posts have obtained. Along with this, you have the possibility of checking the metrics of each tweet through the statistics icon available in each tweet, as shown in the image below.

Boost your Twitter account with 10 tips

7- Link up with the most influential users in your sector

An excellent strategy to enhance your twitter account is to discover what are the most influential users in your sector. These people achieve capture the attention of the public when they tweet and their posts reach hundreds or even thousands of people. Now, how can you benefit from these leaders of opinion? The answer is: building a relationship with themthrough mentions, retweets, private messages and other interactions (remember to be respectful and cordial in your communications!).

So, first of all you have to know who are the influential tweeters in your sector. To do this you can use tools like the one already mentioned. FollowerWonkwhose search engine enables you to enter specific users and obtain data such as number of followers that have, how many tweets have they postedand what is your Social Authoritya parameter created especially to measure how influential is the user in question.

Fundamental tips for your Twitter account

8- Take advantage of Twitter lists

One of the most useful features to manage your twitter account is the possibility of create lists. It is about generating user lists grouped around categories, in order to segment your followers e interpret them better. For example, you can create lists with names like “Customers”, “Influential Tweeters” o “Competitors” and add profiles with those characteristics to them. So, when you click on any of them you will see them appear on your timeline only Posts from members grouped in the list you have selected.

10 tips to improve your Twitter account

9- Schedule tweets so they are published automatically

Most of the Twitter users They connect from their mobile devicesand for that reason, they can be online at any time of the day. Consequently, if you want your content to reach your audience, it is important that you are always presentin it timeline of your followers.

10- Share infographics!

Between the most shared content on Twitter stand out the infographics, therefore it is important that you also generate and share them from your account. In this regard, I advise you that the topics you address in them are relevant to your sector. Now, how can you create an infographic without being a designer? Very simple: with the help of online tools such as o Canva, which allow you to create professional infographic pieces without leaving your navigation. Brilliant! Don’t you think?

How to grow your Twitter account?

Now you know the 10 tips that will help you boost your Twitter account. Applying these tips that I have shared with you will allow you optimize the quality of your followers, maximize the reach of your content y measure the effectiveness of your communications.

Did you find this post useful? Which of the tips mentioned seemed most interesting to you? Leave us your comment! And please share this article with your contacts. See you soon! ?

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