With more than 200 million users, Instagram has revolutionized the world of social networks in general and photography in particular. In this sea of ​​filters and square images, the brand Kaiku Caffè Latte and @misswinter, better known as Elena Ortega, have decided to compile a decalogue with the most useful tips when it comes to getting new followers.

1. Use a short and catchy username. Following the maxim of less is more, it is advisable to leave numbers and symbols aside. Furthermore, if you choose a nickname that is easy to write and pronounce and is maintained on all social profiles, all the better.

2. Use complementary apps. Despite how easy it is to fall into the temptation of filters, it is not advisable to abuse them. Applications like Snapseed or Vscocam are of great help to achieve the desired luminosity or contrast.

3. Creativity. We must say goodbye to shame and forget the fear of criticism. Only in this way will you achieve a collection of unique photos with personality.

Photos from the Instagram profiles of Selena Gomez and Katy Perry.

4. Learn to look. To bring out the artist that the good ‘Instagrammer’ has inside, it is necessary to invest time and desire in observing the work of others. This way, it will be easier to identify good content and improve your own ideas.

5. Practice and more practice. Although there is no foolproof tactic, uploading photos with some regularity helps enhance skill and ingenuity in equal measure.

6. Daily commitment. Fulfilling the goal of uploading a new photo every day and refraining from uploading images ‘after the fact’ helps when it comes to knowing how to appreciate interesting occasions and making the most of every shot.

7. Personal seal. Starting from the premise that everyone prints their personality in the photographs they take, the key is to detect and enhance the differentiating element that makes us and our photos unique.

‘Cat’ photos from Taylor Swift and Zooey Deschanel’s Instagram profiles.

8. Know the images that work best. Cats, ferris wheels or hot air balloons are some of the infallible classics on this social network. In the same way, landscapes and gastronomic images are also guaranteed to be liked.

9. Labeling. Using specific hashtags is an extremely useful mechanism when it comes to publicizing our photographs. It is advisable to avoid those that are too generic and, as a final touch, use good geolocation.

10. Take care of the community. Following other profiles, writing good comments or attending the meetings that Instagram organizes for its users to share their experiences are three behaviors that have their guaranteed reward.

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