February 8th
By Juan Merodio

How the Instagram algorithm works in 2024

It’s important that you understand how the Instagram algorithm currently works before you can understand how it might change in the future. Currently, Instagram’s algorithm relies on a number of factors to determine what content is relevant to each user. These factors include the relationship with the user, interest in the content, and recency of the content.

Relationship refers to how much a user interacts with other users’ content. For example, if a user always likes and comments on another user’s posts, Instagram will likely show more of that user’s content in its feed. Interest refers to how much a user is interested in a specific type of content, based on their past activity. For example, if a user always interacts with fashion-related content, Instagram is likely to show more fashion-related content in their feed.

Lastly, the review refers to when the content was published. Instagram tends to show the most recent content at the top of a user’s feed, although this factor is not as important as the first two.

Changes observed in the Instagram algorithm 2023

During the year 2023, Instagram made some significant changes to its algorithm. One of the most notable changes was the greater importance given to the recency factor. This means that the latest content is even more likely to appear at the top of a user’s feed.

In addition, Instagram also began to give more importance to the relationship between users. This means that if two users interact a lot with each other, they are more likely to see each other’s content in their feed. This change appears to be a response to criticism that Instagram’s algorithm was causing users to see too much content from celebrities and big brands, and not enough content from their friends and family.

Keys to the Instagram algorithm in 2024

Predictions for the Instagram algorithm in 2024

As we move towards the year 2024, we are likely to see more changes to the Instagram algorithm. One prediction is that Instagram could start placing more importance on content quality. This means that content that is highly engaging and relevant could be more likely to appear in a user’s feed, regardless of when it was posted or how much the user interacts with the content creator.

Another prediction is that Instagram could start giving more importance to content diversity. This could mean that Instagram will try to display a wider variety of content in a user’s feed, rather than simply displaying the type of content the user interacts with most frequently.

Influential factors

There are several factors that could influence how the Instagram algorithm changes in the future. One of these factors is competition from other social media platforms. Since Facebook, which owns Instagram, is losing young users, Instagram could adjust its algorithm to attract this demographic.

Another factor is the response of users to changes in the algorithm. If users are unhappy with Instagram’s algorithm changes, Instagram may adjust its algorithm to address these concerns.

Strategies to adapt to the Instagram algorithm in 2024

As Instagram’s algorithm changes, so should your strategies for engaging with the platform. One strategy that could be effective in 2024 is to focus on creating high-quality content. As mentioned above, Instagram will likely start placing more importance on content quality in the future.

Another strategy could be to diversify the type of content you publish. If Instagram starts to place more importance on diversity of content, then it could be beneficial to post a variety of types of content, rather than focusing on just one type.

Impact of algorithm changes on users and businesses

Changes to Instagram’s algorithm can have a significant impact on both users and businesses. For users, these changes may affect the type of content they see in their feed. This can be positive if the changes result in a more diverse and higher quality feed, but it can also be negative if the changes result in a feed that does not align with the user’s interests.

For businesses, changes to Instagram’s algorithm can affect their visibility and reach on the platform. This can be especially challenging for small businesses that rely on Instagram to reach their target audience. However, by adapting to algorithm changes and adjusting their content strategies accordingly, businesses can continue to find success on Instagram.

Expert opinions on the future

Many social media experts have opinions on how Instagram’s algorithm could change in the future. Some believe that Instagram will continue to adjust its algorithm to prioritize high-quality content and content diversity. Others believe that Instagram could introduce new ways for users to personalize their feed, giving users more control over the type of content they see.

Regardless of specific predictions, most experts agree that Instagram’s algorithm will continue to change and evolve in the future. Therefore, it is important to stay up to date with these changes in order to adapt and be successful on the platform.

How to keep up with changes

Keeping up with Instagram algorithm changes can be a challenge, but there are several strategies you can use. One strategy is to follow official Instagram updates. Instagram often announces major changes to its algorithm through its official blog and social media channels.

Another strategy is to follow social media experts who tend to be aware of the latest changes and trends on Instagram. These experts often share their knowledge and perspectives through blogs, podcasts, and social media.



As we move towards the year 2024, it’s safe to say we’ll see more changes to Instagram’s algorithm. These changes could have a significant impact on how we interact with the platform and the type of content we see in our feed. However, by staying up to date with these changes and adapting our strategies accordingly, we can continue to be successful on Instagram.

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