The last few years have imposed many changes on us – several of them accelerated by the pandemic – and doubts that have grown at the same speed with which we have seen the advancement of AI. At the same time, we had important economic crises in several regions, some of which were exacerbated by wars, in addition to others by regional political situations. Until then, the definition of a new objective only happened when the previous one was already close to being achieved – or, in the worst case scenario, when the alternatives for achieving it were about to be exhausted. It was possible to take one step after another. The speed of change was slower. There seemed to be more time.

Today, the avalanche of information and tasks is so great that there is no time to even listen to messages at natural speed. You need to accelerate to 2x. In fact, we are living at 2x speed. Everything is so fast and urgent that, even if a project achieves the highest possible performance, we can ruin everything if we have not prepared its replacement in advance.

In this new concept of agility and transformation, we began to adapt to crisis and instability scenarios, which require constant readiness. It is necessary to be attentive to pivot the strategy, recalculate the route and continue in step with the incessant changes. Changing the tire while the car is running or adapting the part while the campaign is on air, requires attention to the market, fast, large-scale and quality information, capable of shedding light on consumer trends. Not to mention monitoring the technologies that are beginning to emerge and can turn products and entire markets into dust, while creating many others that we didn’t even know were so necessary.

There’s no more running after it. It is necessary to be in the timing of changes to not just be witnesses, but transformative agents of the new normal. If before everything was rhythmic, with a predefined and controllable script, today evolution is electrifying, creative, continuous and, often, silent.

The challenge for marketing professionals is great, especially those who lead teams and campaigns for global brands. Some of these professionals lived in a world where it was possible to make unbelievable five-year plans. And it’s not that remote of a past. We are talking about evolution, no longer about adjusting course or adapting to crises, it is about the new way of listening, seeing, acting, managing. A predictive process that always makes us look to the future.

We are therefore talking about the revolution generated by AI. A revolution that leaves the professional sphere and reaches our personal lives. AI and machine learning will continue to play an increasing role in marketing management. What was already being announced as a trend in recent years, is perhaps the greatest certainty for the next few years, especially for 2024. Algorithms will increasingly help these professionals to carry out meticulous analyzes of their campaigns to make them more efficient in reaching their audiences -target.

More than ever, it is necessary to be connected to everything that happens and to all the agents of transformation in the market. It is necessary to listen to the best minds, follow new developments that are still in their infancy – generally presented in the sector’s main global forums. These events are important not only for the talks by the big names who perform on stage, but also for the energy, repertoire and experience of thousands of anonymous people, who, after a summit, return to their desks and contribute to the ongoing revolution we have. experienced.

There are countless talented professionals, who think outside the box, waiting for an “ok” to transform ideas into successful cases. The technology to combine natural and artificial intelligence is now available and evolving. AI tools are capable of transforming business results in a calculated way. It is possible to know where you can end up in a way that has never been possible to predict before.

Marketers with data analysis skills will be the new market benchmark. They will be able to transform data into creativity, or rather, read data and see actionable creative insights. This is the most relevant change in the marketing universe – a change that is already underway. Once again, it is necessary to repeat: AI will not replace human labor, but the professional who knows how to use AI will take the place of those who were not prepared for it.

Generative AI has come to democratize the ability to access real-time data, create content, and even provide insights for marketers in virtually every industry role. If everyone is using the same powerful tool, the level of work can really rise. But it will rise for everyone.

Who, after all, will stand out in the sea of ​​messages that will have a similar level of complexity and relevance? Anyone who uses AI as a creative analysis tool, capable of decoupling the campaign, whether it is generated by generative AI or by a brilliant team of creatives. Creative analysis tools are capable of evaluating each element of a piece and its relationship with the customer’s experience when they receive the message. These technologies reveal whether the message creates noise or generates connection, making communication more timely and making the audience perceive that message as something of value, which has to do with their preferences.

Customer experience has been taking center stage in recent years and will be the same in 2024. For this reason, CMOs must be connected to technologies and strategies that allow them to improve the purchasing journey of their target audience, generating subtle and , at the same time, direct, personalized and connected to brands.

You always need to ask yourself “where will I be in six months if I don’t seek innovation now”? Just look back and observe what happened in the last three months in the AI ​​universe, how powerful it has proven to be and how it has transformed its market.

If AI is transforming the world, know that the transformation in the world of marketing professionals is no less radical. Being aware of changes requires an extra effort, an additional willingness to follow the cutting edge of the industry, generally presented at events such as Web Summit and SXSW, as well as several others nationwide. Time is merciless, it doesn’t wait, and the opportunities are there. Get to work and good luck!

*Miguel Caeiro He is head of Latam at VidMob, a creative data company present in the main global campaigns.


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