Market events, such as fairs, forums, conferences and other types of face-to-face meetings, in the most diverse niches, have become increasingly common again. A survey by the Sympla platform showed a 36% growth in corporate meetings in the first quarter of this year, compared to the same period last year — and 30% compared to 2019. In other words, more than pre-pandemic.

These events are popular for raising important debates and showing trends in the area, which is why many companies and their representatives take advantage of these moments to update themselves. It’s a very relevant role, but it’s not the only one they can fulfill.

There is an opportunity for exchange in this type of situation that not every company seems to take advantage of, even if they are actively participating in the event. I’m talking about direct action in customer relationships, especially for organizations that work in a B2B model, that is, from business to business. After all, this is a space that many players are sharing at the same time: customers, partners and suppliers, all looking for the same information and also networking. It would be a great loss to leave this last aspect aside.

And how can this opportunity be taken advantage of? Mainly based on these three tips:

1. Create relationships calmly and relaxed

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet your customers in a different environment, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and demands. People who are sharing the same journey as you will probably really appreciate having this chance to interact with the team directly, discussing projects beyond the day-to-day flows.

I can bring as an example my participation in the last E-Commerce Brasil Forum, which took place at the end of July this year in São Paulo. Representing the full service agency Adtail, I was one of the professionals who took advantage of our exposure to consolidate the positive relationship with some of our clients and partners who visited there. During visits and recording interviews, we strengthen our bonds by highlighting how important their opinion is to the agency, which not only contributes to long-term retention, but also solidifies our relationship.

2. Collect data for analysis

Each event has a central theme or specific subjects that will be discussed in lectures and at various other times throughout the day. Stand visitors will therefore always have fresh thoughts on these topics, which you can use to your advantage. Collect data that will be used to analyze and understand general public perceptions and understand how to apply them to your business.

Take note of what people are saying, ask for suggestions and join in on debates when possible. In addition to being an important source of information, it also shows how attentive the brand is and has expertise in what it does. It has a positive impact on reputation; With the agency, we were able to strengthen our status as performance specialists and highlight our commitment to the market and our constant improvement of skills. All of this transforms into trust for the public, which in itself also makes relationships stronger.

3. Apply post-event

It is always recommended to complete the customer experience with after-sales, so why wouldn’t the same apply to an event that also built an experience? To do this, it is essential to create materials for sending, such as email marketing content and surveys. This naturally requires the collection of contact data, which can happen in promotional actions at the stand or forms for collecting gifts, for example.

This tip applies both to strengthening existing relationships and for prospecting. In the first case, you show that the customer’s presence was appreciated and can provide more personalized materials, even based on what was discussed in person. When prospecting, it is also worth using newly acquired knowledge about the public, and proving that this is a relationship that begins with a lot of dedication from the brand. This way, it is possible to offer more assertive guidance to optimize your business and overcome sales objections in an agile and proactive way.

Finally, participating in events is a strong recommendation, but using this space to connect with customers is even more so. Yes, it is necessary to keep up to date and learn about advances and new developments in the market, but it is also essential to take advantage of the opportunity to create relationships, collect data and carry out post-sales, to intensify proximity to the customer and show that we are always prepared to help them.

*Débora Mengarda Andrade is the Inbound Marketing and CRM coordinator at Adtail, a full service agency with offices in São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Blumenau and Curitiba – and operations throughout Latin America. Adtail is part of the DBG holding (Digital Branding Group & Co) and has a portfolio of important clients, such as HP, Vans, Arezzo, Intelbras, Calçados Bibi, among others.


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