Instagram has proven its importance as a digital marketing platform for different types of businesses, and this shows no signs of declining. Knowing how to use a social network profile well to display products and content, promote campaigns and connect with the public is a great way to ensure constant contact between your brand and your customers.

With this in mind, Rafael Terra, a specialist in the field of digital marketing in Brazil, analyzed the most common practices of Instagram users, both companies and buyers. Below he shares the trends that promise to boost engagement in 2024, highlighting what works and what doesn’t in social media digital marketing.

1) Chronological feed and real time return

Take advantage of the return of the chronological feed to post at strategic moments that are aligned with what is happening in the world at the moment.

2) No content misery

Invest in rich and detailed content. Forget superficial posts. Focus on content that adds real value to your audience. Lists are great.

3) Make content saveable

Create informative or inspirational posts that users want to save for future reference. This increases the engagement and relevance of your profile.

4) Make shareable content

Produce content that encourages sharing, such as relevant memes, impactful quotes or informative graphics.

5) Explore, explore

Use Instagram’s exploration tools to discover new audiences and trends, adapting your content to suit them. After all, what arrives at Explorar is because it worked!

6) Even more artificial intelligence recommendations

Maximize the visibility of your content using SEO strategies for Instagram, increasing the chances of being recommended by the algorithm.

7) A great search engine

Optimize your posts with relevant keywords, making it easier for your content to be found in Instagram searches.

8) Photo dump

Create photo albums (photo dumps) that tell stories, showing behind-the-scenes, events or significant moments in a more authentic way.

9) The hero’s journey

Tell engaging stories following the Hero’s Journey structure to create an emotional connection with your audience.

10) Content Subscription

Consider offering exclusive or anticipated content to followers who subscribe to your profile, adding value to your offer.

11) Micro segmentation into groups

Create segmented groups to discuss specific topics with subsets of your audience, customizing the experience for different interests.

12) Gold lives in the DM

Use direct messaging to create deeper connections with your followers by answering questions and engaging in meaningful conversations.

13) Multiple collaborations

Collaborate with multiple influencers or brands to expand your reach and diversify your content.

14) Hashtags

Use 3 to 5 at most. Select relevant and specific hashtags such as: brand, post theme, trend and location.

15) Large caption

Use long, engaging captions to tell stories, share useful information, and engage your audience. Combining Reels and subtitles, for example, is excellent.

16) Drive traffic to bio

Include calls to action in your posts, encouraging followers to visit the link in your bio for more information, products or services. But focus on just one link at a time.

17) Prospecting, sales and service

Use Instagram as a sales and customer service tool, offering product information and answering questions quickly.

18) Marriage between stories and reels

Integrate Stories and Reels into your content strategy, using both to create a cohesive and engaging narrative.

19) Good followers matter, yes!

Focus on building a community of engaged followers, rather than just chasing high numbers.

20) Fast and short reels

Create dynamic, fast-paced Reels to capture your audience’s attention using creative transitions and condensed content.

21) Interactive ads in Augmented Reality

Explore augmented reality ads to create immersive and memorable experiences for your audience.

22) Less toxic Instagram

Promote a positive experience on Instagram by creating inspiring content and avoiding negative speech. Contribute to a healthier online community.

23) Duets between influencers and brands on Reels

Collaborate with influencers to create creative duets on Reels. This strategy increases reach and adds a fun twist to your content.

24) New editing tools

Stay up to date with the latest editing tools available on Instagram. Use them to create visually appealing and innovative content.

25) Music branding

Strategically integrate music into your content. This can help strengthen your brand identity and create emotional connections with your audience.

26) Microlearning

Offer educational content in small doses. Ideal for capturing the attention of users looking to learn quickly and efficiently.

27) Nostalgia Marketing: Emotional Connections

Use nostalgia to create deep emotional connections with your audience, evoking positive memories and feelings.

28) Integration with other platforms: multichannel strategies

Integrate your Instagram content with other digital platforms to create a cohesive online presence and expand your reach. For example, send your best content via email too.

29) And what is the best time to post in 2024?

According to recent research by Sprout Social, prime time is in the morning, from 9 am to 11 am.

30) Stories are beautiful, but it’s in the feed that you grow!

Balance the use of Stories and feed posts. While Stories are great for instant engagement, the feed contributes to sustainable growth and can make your post appear in Explore.

31) AIDA Strategy for Stories

Use the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) strategy in Stories to guide users through an engagement journey to conversion.

32) Your turn

Encourage audience interaction. Ask questions, create polls, and encourage followers to share their own stories and opinions.

33) Storytelling for carousel

Use the carousel format to tell stories sequentially. This can increase your post dwell time and engagement.

34) The more you post, the more you grow

Maintain a constant frequency of posts. This helps keep your profile active and visible to the algorithm and your audience.

35) Opinionated Content

Express unique opinions and points of view in your content. This helps establish your brand as an authoritative and trustworthy voice in your niche.

*Rafael Terra is a specialist in digital trends and author of Copywriting in Practice (DVS Editora).


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