Nubank is being targeted by a “cancellation” campaign on social media after the co-founder of the digital bank, Cristina Junqueira, to promote an event promoted by the production company Brasil Paralelo, on Monday (17). She shared the post in Stories on her Instagram profile.

In the post in question, it shows the invitation received to participate in a talk by psychologist Jordan Peterson, in São Paulo (SP), scheduled for this Tuesday (18). Author of several books, the Canadian is often associated with conservatism.

“Thank you very much for the invitation!”, wrote Junqueira, who currently holds the position of Chief Growth Officer (CGO) at fintech. Shortly after publication, both the executive and the bank began to appear among the most talked about topics on Xreceiving several criticisms.

Users of the old Twitter also remembered the case of a former Nubank employee accused of being one of the creators of an online forum that promoted hate crimesaccording to recent reports from Public Agency It’s from Intercept Brasil. He currently works at Brasil Paralelo, according to the publications.

Account cancellation

In posts citing Junqueira and fintech, several internet users who claim to be Nubank customers suggest canceling accounts and credit cards offered by the financial institution. Many of them shared step-by-step instructions and other tips for closing their digital account, while others threatened not to pay their monthly bill.

Other people started asking for recommendations on digital banks for their opening a new account, faced with the possibility of abandoning the “purple”. They recalled other problems faced by the company, such as card cloning and the difficulty in finding a solution.

There are also posts asking for the company’s position after the post made by the co-founder, the allegations related to the former employee and the alleged relationship with the producer. Until the article closes, Nubank did not comment.


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