Between October 22nd and 26th, the IBA, the largest bakery and confectionery fair in the world, took place in Munich – Germany.

For Sílvia Lombardi, baking specialist and Research & Development Manager at AB Brasil, “the IBA Business Fair is a journey into the future of at least 10 years in the world of baking in relation to the stage we are at in Brazil in terms of exhibition of products, digitalization and point of sale. While artisanal baking evolves towards diversification, design, creativity, textures, decorations and finishing, appreciation of artisanal and unique flavors; The industry already efficiently delivers rustic, crispy crust, large-scale and frozen products of excellent quality in Europe, allowing processors to offer fresh product at any time to the end consumer”.

Here are 4 trends that permeated the fair in its 10 pavilions:

Automation & Personalization

The number of possibilities with automation grows, with robots learning by scanning human movement from the perfect zig-zag of cutting a loaf of bread. The smooth movements of a giant line imitate the artisan’s care in producing a pizza dough with 78% hydration. Not only does productivity increase, but lines become more flexible, meaning ovens, for example, can use different energy sources.


As we only have one planet, concern about sustainability increases, manifesting itself in different energy sources for production lines, reduction in the use of packaging, search for alternative inputs with a lower carbon footprint or reduction in oven time.

The largest stands showcase their commitments to the environment and present solutions to mitigate problems.

Health & Wellbeing

In terms of solutions and ingredients, alternatives require a smaller trade-off (exchange, not giving up one thing to the detriment of another) between the benefit and the loss of flavor.

There are 100% vegetable replacements for fat, egg replacements for vegans and flexitarians (people who avoid eating meat when possible), gluten free for those with allergies and reduced sugar for weight control. Clean label (simpler ingredient lists with products that are as natural as possible) is gaining momentum.

Benefit x Cost

Whether for the price paid or for the calories, more and more people are evaluating (consciously or not) whether the product is worth it. It has to offer the best experience per calorie or per cent invested. In products, this translates as colors, crunchiness, creaminess, softness, selected ingredients.

Freshness, aroma, texture, aroma during shelf life become a basic expectation. Sourdough appears strongly as an increase in experience, quality and simplification of processes. Freezing with improved freshness over time for pizzas and special breads.

Looking at mature markets helps us understand the future of different categories in Brazil.

And in your sector, what events can inspire developments here?

*Alexandre Salvador has a Master’s and PhD in Administration from FEA-USP, Professor at FIA and ESPM and Director of Brand & Innovation at AB Brasil.


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