Marketing and advertising are two fields that have acquired capital importance in today’s job market. The need to attract new clients, in an environment of global competition, is growing among companies, which are looking for specialized profiles to develop this function. These two areas are complemented by the online education model, consolidated and a reference for more and more students. In this scenario, studying a marketing and advertising degree remotely is an effective choice that offers very good results to obtain an adequate job opportunity. In this post we are going to analyze five reasons to study a distance marketing and advertising Professional Training course.

International market

The Internet and economic globalization have led to fierce competition between companies, which now have a huge battlefield on the online network. In this way, the radius of action has multiplied and this requires the use of specialized professionals who have adequate knowledge. This trend will be predominant and will be reinforced during the next decade. For the student, this means that more and more companies in many sectors will require their services.

Professional outings

Vocational training opportunities in general are increasing, to the point of surpassing those offered to university graduates. This fact also increases for certain fields such as marketing and advertising, two areas of work that are of increasing importance for all types of companies. Both small and large multinational firms have understood the need to incorporate specialists in these fields.


In Spain, more than 25% of purchases are already made online; a trend that will increase. It is a completely new scenario for entrepreneurs, who are forced to focus a good part of their efforts on boosting sales here. Updating content in the face of the changing scenarios of the online world is an essential requirement and the best starting point to know how to do it is study a marketing and advertising vocational training.

From home

From the student’s perspective, the idea of ​​completing studies remotely represents a notable increase in their possibilities, since it is a much more comfortable model.


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