Do you spend too much time on Social Media and get little or no results?

I’m not surprised.

The issue is somewhat complicated.

The noise generated on the networks is deafening.

What if comments, what if ads, memes, offers, congratulations, complaints…

It is a constant and strident hum.

Very strident.

Therefore, it seems almost impossible to be heard.

But is not.

Nothing is impossible.

Especially if you use the tools that digital marketing professionals use, including Copywriting.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

Copywriting is the art (or science or both, depending on which side you are on), of creating persuasive texts that provide a direct (monetary) benefit.

Copywriting makes you create profitable texts.

That is, if the objective of your ad, text, post, etc. is for the client to press the buy button, the Copywriter will use his persuasive words to do everything possible to make it happen.

In such a way that, by applying its secrets, you will be able to stand out and make yourself heard in the midst of that hustle and bustle.

Because don’t forget that you are interested in standing out.

93% of entrepreneurs are trying to get their head around social networks.

Only 7% abstain.

And you, without a doubt, must belong to the first group.

Yes or yes.

Because your client expects it.

Because your digital reputation needs it.

And because your ultimate goal is to sell.

And for that you need to write Profitable Texts on your social networks.

The kind that instantly connects with your reader.

One of those that excites.

One of those that move.

Because without connection, there is no sale.

How do you make that connection?

Adding the following ingredients:

  1. Relevance and topicality. Be innovative and provide up-to-the-minute information.
  2. Eliminate the ME and focus on YOU. The word “you” is a magic word and is extremely useful when establishing a direct conversation with your reader.
  3. Emotion. Appeal to your client’s fear, problem or weakness and offer a solution. He will thank you endlessly.
  4. Open questions. The kind that provokes an internal dialogue and prompts them to act.
  5. Positivity. Because no one goes to social networks to “suffer”, but rather to have a good time in company. 🙂
  6. Impact links. Replace those bland URLs with a killer super headline and a description they can’t say no to.
  7. Good humor. We want the reader to establish an immediate connection with you, and to remember you. Make him smile, and you’ll have put it in your pocket.

And now, how do we mix these ingredients? How do we cook them? Will the recipe turn out well if you follow the steps? Definitely. The result will be appetizing and tasty, and will leave you with a good taste in your mouth.

But I’ll tell you about that next week.

Because there is nothing like seeing all these ingredients in the casserole, through real examples and success stories.

I’m reserving a place for you 😉

Via: Seed Social Media

Image courtesy of Shutterstock


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