Although for some of us it is never a good time for operation bikini, it is never a bad time to start getting our presence on social networks in shape. Therefore, today I leave you 7 tips to improve your social profiles. The tips are simple but their execution requires time and dedication.

We start:

1. Set a goal

What do you intend to achieve with your social media profiles? If you have not yet decided, it will be very difficult for you to justify the time you dedicate to its management and quantify its usefulness within your company or business.

Eye! Obviously here (and throughout the article) I talk about corporate social profiles or professionals looking for Leverage social media to improve your business. Los ‘like’ You don’t have to justify the kitten videos you make in your free time… yet?

From my point of view, you must define your social media goals focusing your attention on 3 basic points:

  1. La red social: Your objectives should be different on each of your social profiles since the audience of each network (or rather, their behavior) is completely different.
  2. The moment of your product/brand/service: You will not look for the same at the beginning of your project, in the consolidation phase of your brand or in the face of the campaign for a new launch. Each moment of the life cycle has to have its objective in social networks and its strategy to achieve it.
  3. The rest of the objectives of your plan: You must align your social media objectives with each other at all times to achieve the ultimate goal of your company or personal brand. Take social networks as another “leg” of your business.

This is not an article to establish how to define your objectives on social networks because we could spend several days debating about it. I simply want to make you see the importance of defining at least a goal on each social network and that you can continue to the next advice.

2. If you don’t measure, you can’t improve

Although the original quote (slightly different) is from the mathematical physicist William Thomson, The truth is that this principle is vital in any marketing strategy (online, offline or metaphysical).

At we are so clear about it that for several years it was on one of the office walls and we are already looking for a place for it in the new office.

Measurement should be the basis of any strategy since, on the one hand, it allows you quantify the success of an action and on the other hand it serves to corroborate that everything you think or those closest to you think has no validity if it does not bring you closer to the final objective.

Still hating analytics? Well, try at least to use the basic tools that social networks themselves provide you (Twitter, Facebook have their own statistics services) and you will see the valuable information they can offer you.

In Facebook Insights, for example, you can find out when are your followers online. You simply have to click on Statistics -> Posts and check the option “When your fans are online” to see the activity peaks of your followers.

On Facebook you can easily check when your followers are online.

Don’t forget this fact! You can take advantage of it to more easily impact your followers. Take advantage of those hours to concentrate your publications, promotions, etc.

In Twitter Analytics you can also check which of your latest tweets had the most diffusion or which of your followers had the most impact or relevance on your profile in the last month.

Have you already been bitten by the social media analytics? Then get ready to make the leap to a much more professional tool than the one provided by social networks. To me, the power that SocialBro offers seems infinite, and even from the free version you can get very valuable information for our profiles.

3. Generate quality content: observe your environment to get it right

One of the main obstacles when managing our social profiles is how to generate quality content to feed them.

To answer the question I go directly to its definition. We could define “quality content” as content that is useful to our users. The one that they read and allows them to entertain themselves or resolve their doubts or the one that they share or comment on with the author or his friends/followers.

the best way to generate quality content It is, therefore, observing our environment. We can, for example, focus on Twitter and respond to these 2 basic questions:

  • What do your users ask on the networks? Look for questions about your sector that are repeated many times on social networks and try to give the definitive answer. Take the opportunity to publish it on your blog and share the link (along with a summary of the answer) to users who have asked about it lately.
  • What has worked for you before? Analyze your own tweets (and those of your competitors). What formats have the most retweets? Which ones generate the most conversation? The ones with hashtags, images, links?

Only with these answers you can have endless ideas to create new content and generate conversation with your users. You can also get super hip and say you’re increasing engagement of your brand with his target.

4. Enrich your content on Google+

This, more than a tip, is a simple trick to improve or enrich your publications on Google+.

Did you know that you can use bold and underline in your Google+ posts? You simply have to place your text between asterisks for the bold

or between underscores (_) for underlined texts. Although it still does not have the pull that Google would like, the reality is that Google+ is still present and can serve as an additional channel to get traffic to our website.

Take advantage of it to stand out from other publications with this little trick.

5. Watch the balance of the text in Facebook Ads If you are not yet using Facebook Ads to promote your business You should seriously talk to the person responsible for your online marketing. I’m not telling you that it is essential but, as with Google Adwords, until you try it you will not be able to measure its return.[cuña publicitaria] [fin de cuña]If you want, we can give you a hand in your marketing strategy

. If, on the other hand, you are also taking advantage of the power of promotion in Facebook You must take into account the limitations of ad images: Facebook only allows 20% text on the images you want to promote,

so my advice is to always stay below that limit in all publications. Thus, if you want to launch a campaign to promote an item or a new service, you will not have to create additional creative.

6. Don’t try to escape criticism One of the mistakes that surprises me most in corporate social profiles is the ability they have to try to escape criticism.

Mainly on Facebook, it is not difficult to find corporate profiles that do not allow their users to write publicly on their wall. Today, trying to cover a direct communication channel seems to me to be the greatest folly that a communications or marketing department can adopt. If a satisfied customer is not able to find a way to congratulate you, they will probably forget; but if it is A dissatisfied customer can be convinced that they will look for any other means to complain.

And surely with more intensity, and you will find out later and may not even be able to respond. For all this I suggest that don’t run away from the conversation with your users because it can lead to abrand crisis . If you answer all questions or criticisms that they pose on your wall it is very likely that better perception that new users may have

of your brand. Seize it!

7. Mystery and curiosity are a rich source for your brand, take advantage of it! Humans are curious by nature.

And on social networks, even more so. Take advantage of your users’ curiosity before launching your brand or a new service to obtain information about your future customers. You can give the pre-launch a name and start regularly releasing short posts that generate that mystery around something new. In addition to starting to receive feedback of future users you will be able to generate a series of leads that you would surely not reach when the service is already on the street.

And believe me, today there is nothing more valuable than an email from a user interested in your service even before its launch.

Annex 1: ¡Ah! A extra tip

to end. We send this directly to Twitter so you can give it to whoever you want: We could call itPrinciple of excessive optimism in Social Media “.

And, once we have chosen the channels we want to use, it is ALWAYS more complicated to achieve our objectives and it takes us more dedication than we had anticipated.

That is why I recommend that we measure our euphoria before launching into all social networks; because there is nothing worse than falling into a soulless social profile. What do you think of these tips? Do you have any others you want to share with me?

I invite you to leave your comment and, if you liked it, share it with your friends/followers on your favorite social network. Thank you!

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