A good marketing strategy, especially focusing on social media presence, is essential for any business. According to data from the company Cadastra, more than 40% of Brazilians were led to consume products and services because of digital influencers, meaning their role in boosting sales is undeniable. We realize that with them it is possible to better adapt to a world of globalized consumption, build a lasting brand image and presence, in addition to creating genuine connections that lead to customer loyalty.

The current market is a connected market, especially in Brazil, the number one country with the most influenced consumers when making their purchasing decision. Where does this decision come from? From content produced by your favorite creators. Today’s consumer doesn’t buy first and then decide whether they liked it or it was worth it, but instead relies on website comments, reviews from former customers and, of course, the opinion of influencers. Imagine your favorite stream: a profile full of suggestions made just for you, according to an appropriate and segmented algorithm. This same idea applies to the consumption of content on social networks and, ultimately, to the presence that a brand has among producers and consumers.

The relationship between follower and influencer is based, among other factors, on trust. This trust has its difference in the particularities, in what makes that person your target audience. The more segmented and specific the material produced, adding to a product that is both comprehensive and of high quality, the better this audience will be reached. After all, this is the goal of a marketing strategy: to drive business growth by connecting customers who effectively trust your product. Maintaining this trust is essential and this is also due to the quality of the product offered, which only reinforces the positive presence of the brand in the market where it operates.

Between the importance of a digital influencer’s opinion for their followers, an “on-demand” consumption format, in which the consumer carefully decides where and what they want to buy, and a relationship of trust between follower and influencer that defines the direction of that influencer demand, we have an organic emotional connection that occurs through the sharing of shopping experiences that are tangible, everyday and more authentic. This relationship works for everyone. Company and influencer benefit not only financially (the first through increased sales and the second through incentives offered), but with equally decisive resources: reach, influence and loyalty.

With all this in mind, the importance of this influencer marketing partnership in generating greater revenue for a company and establishing a lasting and reputable presence in the market is undeniable. At Portão 3, we really want to grow our network of representatives, affiliates and consultants, who can be influencers. In the last month, more than 50% of partner acquisitions were made through this acquisition channel. These partnerships are a key point for our company’s organic growth, with cheaper CAC and an above-average growth speed.

*Eduarda Camargo is CMO of Portão 3 and Matheus Brenny is Sales Director at Portão 3, a fintech that helps businesses around the world manage payments, travel and corporate expenses.

Source: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/marketing-de-influencia-uma-parceria-de-sucesso-que-pode-mudar-o-jogo/

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