-->While the crypto market is on fire, Cardano is up 10% in the past 24 hours. With this, ADA breaks through the $0.65, on its way to $0.70; a level where new traders and investors can step in for a further rally higher.

Can Cardano rise even further after Bitcoin breaks above $60,000 and heads towards its All-Time High of $69,000?

ADA Rate Just Under $0.70 – Can Cardano Become 1 Euro in the Next Week?

At the moment, the Cardano price is about 9% higher than 24 hours ago at the level of $0.695. Cardano has risen by more than 14% in a week, by 42% in a month and by 91% in the past 365 days. Cardano is currently still about 78% lower than its All-Time High of $3.10 during the 2021 bull run.

ADA is currently benefiting from a strong increase in trading volume, up +157% to $1.75 billion in the last 24 hours. Currently, Cardano has a market cap of $24.5 billion, with 35.47 billion ADA in circulation.

Cardano has been in an uptrend since the beginning of February and has climbed even further after a short correction last week. ADA is above its 30-day moving average (yellow) of $0.57, which is starting to rise faster.

Cardano rate chart
Cardano rate chart – TradingView

Based on the Relative Strength index (RSI) of 74, the Cardano price could climb further before a retracement takes place. Now that Cardano is slightly overvalued on a technical level, the risk of a retracement increases.

In the event that Cardano breaks through $0.70 and manages to maintain this level, this could be an entry point for new crypto traders and investors. This could allow ADA to climb even further.

And because Cardano still has a lot of catching up to do since the previous bull market, there is a lot of room for the altcoin to rise. Despite the declines ADA has experienced, Cardano’s network and community have grown even stronger.


If Cardano can make a breakout above $0.70, the stage is set for a surge at $1 and above, something that could happen in the coming week. With enough momentum, Cardano could reach a new All-Time High above $3.10 this year.

Which Altcoins Will Explode After Bitcoin Breakout $60,000?

In addition to Cardano, there are also smaller crypto coins that can benefit even more from the Bitcoin pump. The advantage of smaller crypto projects is that they have more upside and can gain a lot of momentum when Bitcoin rises.

Today we look at two alternatives to Bitcoin that have the potential to go x10 or even higher this bull run. These promising cryptos are temporarily for sale at a low price in the presale and will soon be launched on their first exchange.

Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Bitcoin has risen very quickly in value, but the Bitcoin halving has yet to happen. After the halving, Bitcoin can become worth much more, but before the halving you have the opportunity to earn twice as much BTC with mining. The new Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) offers the opportunity to mine without hardware or technical knowledge.

With Bitcoin Minetrix it is possible to stake BTCMTX to earn passive rewards in the form of BTCMTX and mining credits. With these mining credits you can mine BTC via the cloud via a user-friendly dashboard. So by staking this token, you are betting on both this new token and Bitcoin.


The BTCMTX token is temporarily available for a low price of $0.0137 in the presale, while the project has already raised more than $11.5 million of the $15 million. Soon, BTCMTX will be launched on its first exchange, at which point the token could potentially be undervalued and explode in value.

Green Bitcoin (GBTC)

How much will Bitcoin become worth? If you can predict this, you will earn huge rewards with the new Green Bitcoin (GBTC). In addition, the new GBTC is a green alternative to Bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain and a second chance for those who missed Bitcoin’s pump.

Green bitcoin gives you two methods of staking, normal staking with an APY based on how many tokens are in the staking pool and gamified staking, which allows you to earn huge rewards by predicting the Bitcoin price. The normal staking feature has already been launched, while the gamified staking feature will go live soon.

You can buy green Bitcoin in the presale for $0.4982 per token, with the option to stake it immediately for an APY of 250%. The presale has now raised more than $1.2 million, meaning the price will soon rise. As a green alternative to Bitcoin, with extra utility, GBTC could explode in value after launch.

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