With the rise in the price of bitcoin, the group claims a latent capital gain of almost 4 billion dollars.

Is a company winning the bet of the century? The question arises for MicroStrategy, specialized in software publishing. Its founder, Michael Saylor (co-founder of the social network X, ex-Twitter), has become a true guru of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in particular. On Monday, MicroStrategy said it had further increased its bitcoin war chest, purchasing 3,000 new tokens. The group now holds 193,000 bitcoins, the equivalent of $12 billion at the current price of the queen of cryptos. With the recent surge in the price of bitcoin, the group claims a latent capital gain of almost $4 billion.

And it’s clearly not about to stop, the analysis firm Benchmark released a study which caused a stir yesterday, with a buying opinion on the value of MicroStrategy’s stock which gained 232% on a year. The firm forecasts a price target on MicroStrategy of $990, or $100 more than the current price, due to the increase in value of its war chest.

125.000 dollars

Analysts estimate that this objective goes hand in hand with a continued rise in the value of bitcoin, which they predict at $125,000 by 2025, i.e. almost a doubling of future prices, due to current development dynamics. .

The firm is based on two major axes: the growing success of spot bitcoin ETFs, the increase in their transaction volumes, with records broken every day. But also because of the bitcoin halving which will take place on April 19. This famous halving of bonuses for bitcoin miners which will therefore increase the scarcity effect of bitcoin, which should stimulate prices in the long term as during the three previous halvings.

In this buoyant context, MicroStrategy is becoming a barometer of cryptocurrencies on the stock market, just like the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase which has gained 200% over one year.

Antoine Larigaudrie with Pauline Armandet

Source: https://www.bfmtv.com/crypto/bitcoin/bitcoin-la-societe-micro-strategy-est-elle-en-train-de-remporter-le-pari-du-siecle_AN-202402290622.html

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