The Aptos blockchain has reached a milestone in its history by processing more than 95 million transactions in a single day. According to data from Artemis, a blockchain statistics platform, on May 24, this number broke an industry record for layer-1 platforms (L1), powered by the tap-to-earn game Tapos, where each tap or click is recorded as a transaction .

95.6 million transactions per day on May 24

More and more blockchains are focusing on testing their scalability limits. Aptos (APT), a blockchain project, recently reached a scalability milestone by processing more than 95 million daily transactions. According to data from Artemis, a blockchain statistics terminal, Aptos recorded 95.6 million transactions on May 24.

The platform noted that this broke an industry record for most transactions recorded by an L1 platform, surpassing SUI’s last record by more than 50%. However, some users of

The increase in transactions at Aptos was fueled by Tapos, a tap-to-earn game where users deposit APT and tap to tickle a cat. Each tick is recorded in the game as a separate transaction, taxing the network with these tickling actions in real time.

The low costs per transaction make it possible to build these types of games on Aptos. Each tap (or tickle) was estimated to cost 0.000008 APT ($0.00007).

During a special campaign, the game recorded more than 323 million transactions from more than 63,000 unique accounts. Tapos players were rewarded with HEART tokens for their tickling actions. Sui, the blockchain that held the previous record, also used a game called SUI 8192 to record 65.8 million daily transactions in August 2023.

These effects highlight the importance of games and rewards as a tool to attract users to support stress test operations. Recently, a similar stress test initiative was used on the Sui network to issue a spam token, recording more than 41 million daily transactions.


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