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Anyone who thought that the price of major cryptos would only rise in the run-up to the Bitcoin halving will be disappointed today. Millions of investors took their money for granted, liquidated their investments and made a mess of the exchanges. Is this the end of the crypto rally, and which crypto will rise despite current developments?

Bitcoin price loses important support

In recent months, Bitcoin has been doing great. The price of the token rose steadily from ‘uptober’, and in recent days it was even possible to set a new All Time High. For now, the new record remains at $73,750.07, as BTC has started a fall. On March 15, almost 5% was surrendered. Support could then be found around $68,000, after the token briefly touched $65,000.

The culprits could quickly be identified. Data shows that 200,000 traders decided to take their profits now that the token was at its highest value ever. More than $660 million was liquidated this way in a very short period of time.

It is not that there was no announcement of a possible price fall in recent days. For example, many investors were already scratching their heads on March 14, after the ETF inflow seemed to dry up. The combined BTC ETF inflow on March 14 was only $133 million, the lowest value in the entire month. The inflow on March 14 was even 48% lower than the 14-day average.

In addition, the Bitcoin price probably also responds to the CPI (Consumer Price Index) report that was released on March 12. The US inflation figures do not look good, and this is having an impact on almost all financial markets.

Ethereum koers dipt mee

In addition to Bitcoin, ETH is also in the dark. Vitalik Buterin’s token had a bullish week, even reaching $4,000. Nevertheless, the Ethereum price is falling by almost 5% today, partly under the influence of the same factors that are currently hindering the Bitcoin price.

The falling Ethereum price may be due to the fact that many investors had high expectations of the Dencun upgrade. The introduction of proto-dankharding ensures that more data can be processed, increasing the speed of the network and reducing gas fees.

Some investors may be disappointed in the fact that the introduction of this interesting technological advancement does not directly translate into a higher Ethereum price.

Which crypto will rise?

Despite the current concerns, there are reasons for optimism. It is good to know that not every token is currently participating in the slump. For example, of the largest tokens, Solana in particular is on the rise: the token rises by no less than 8% on a hot day. Conflux and Jupiter, two relatively small tokens, even achieve double-digit growth.

Most crypto investors are hard headed. They don’t get upset after a minor setback. The price of Bitcoin may fall sharply today, but this seems to be a completely logical correction. Moreover, BTC, just like ETH, is still at an all-time high.

The inflow from ETFs will start again now that new investors see their opportunity, and the Bitcoin Halving will also provide bullish effects. The introduction of Ethereum ETFs is also getting closer.

History has shown that investors who withdraw their money from Bitcoin usually invest it in interesting new crypto coins. Thus, they end the Bitcoin rally, but cause an altcoin season.

Those looking for a token with the potential to achieve significant growth would therefore be wise at this time to ignore Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Solana and invest in a small altcoin. We recommend Green Bitcoin, Bitcoin Minetrix, Dogecoin20, Smog and Sponge.

Green Bitcoin (GBTC) – Ecologically conscious crypto with a lot of potential

The new presale token Green Bitcoin is winning the hearts of more and more crypto enthusiasts. The token, inspired by the original Bitcoin, is doing well thanks to its technological possibilities and good care for the environment and climate.

Green Bitcoin (GBTC) imitates certain aspects of Bitcoin’s tokenomics, for example the total number of tokens. Yet this new crypto cannot actually be compared to its source of inspiration. For example, Green Bitcoin is an ERC20 token that, among other things, has staking options.

Staking has many advantages over Bitcoin mining. Everyone can participate, no expensive machines are needed to make it happen and it is better for the climate. Green Bitcoin consumes up to 10,000x less energy than the original Bitcoin and is therefore a very interesting choice in the upcoming altcoin season.

In addition, GBTC has the potential to generate extraordinary profits thanks to its small market cap. If you want to benefit from the possible crypto rally, it is best to register now at the presale. This has an increasing price schedule: striking now can be beneficial.

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Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) – Revolutionary stake-to-mine mechanism

Anyone who wants to benefit from a new crypto with a small market cap and at the same time plans to invest in Bitcoin will find Bitcoin Minetrix a nice interim solution.

Bitcoin Minetrix is ​​an ERC20 token with a revolutionary new staking mechanism: Stake-to-Mine. By staking Minetrix (BTCMTX) tokens, you will receive mining credits in addition to extra BTCMTX. These can be used to access the platform’s cloud mine.

Cloud mining is not new, but Minetrix is ​​the first platform to offer this way of getting free Bitcoin in a completely decentralized way: without high start-up costs, without vague contracts, and without a huge drain on your CPU. Moreover, Minetrix is ​​transparent about the possible returns.

Since staking Bitcoin Minetrix is ​​the only way to access this cloud mine, many investors are rushing to the presale. In just a few weeks, $12 million has already been raised. If the mining program proves successful, there will be a huge run on the token on the exchanges. It is wise to stay ahead of this crypto rally and invest now (for a lower price).

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Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) – DOGE in the best version

Dogecoin 20 is a new meme token that has the potential to pay back early investors with big profits. Dogecoin20 is inspired by Dogecoin, but comes with the necessary adjustments and improvements compared to the largest meme coin.

For example, Dogecoin20, as an ERC20 token, has the option to offer its token holders staking. 15% of the total number of tokens (140 billion DOGE20) will be paid out as a staking reward.

Staking causes deflation, an element that Dogecoin lacks. In addition, unlike the original token, Dogecoin20 has a maximum circulation: this prevents hyperinflation.

The tokenomics of DOGE20 are a lot better than those of DOGE. Moreover, as an Ethereum token, DOGE20 has a high degree of utility. No wonder that many meme crypto enthusiasts are already getting involved in this promising presale crypto.

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Smog (SMOG) – Take advantage of the largest crypto airdrop ever

Another token that has the potential to cause a significant crypto rally is Smog (SMOG). This cheerful and appealing meme coin is designed around a fire-breathing dragon.

The promise is that the dragon will richly reward its loyal investors, with the largest crypto airdrop ever. Traders can now stock up on tokens, and by staking them they can build up ‘airdrop credits’. Once the airdrop is complete, investors with more credits will receive more tokens.

In total, no less than 35% of the SMOG tokens will be given away for free during the airdrop. Naturally, this option of getting free crypto attracts many new investors.

In the past, BONK, among others, has proven that a crypto airdrop for a meme coin can be very beneficial. So it’s not a bad idea to join the army of the fire-breathing dragon now. Tokens can be purchased on various exchanges and via the project’s official website.

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Sponge V2 (SPONGEV2) – Stronger than the Original?

In 2023, the meme coin Sponge was one of the biggest success stories of the year. The token rose from a $1 million market cap to a cap of $100 million. Some investors reaped profits of x100 thanks to this growth.

Now Sponge is back, with a new token: SpongeV2. According to the project team, this second version should be ‘Bigger and Better’ than the original. To achieve this, the token has been launched on some of the largest exchanges, and they have now created their own P2E racing game to support the platform.

A bridge has now been built with which SpongeV2 has taken over the ticker of the original token, $SPONGE. It is possible to buy SpongeV2 on various exchanges.

If you have any old tokens lying around, you can exchange them for the new $SPONGE tokens on the website. You will receive attractive staking rewards. Even if you don’t have any tokens yet, it is useful to purchase them via the official website. If you buy with $MATIC, you can immediately stake the tokens for 438% rewards!

Now to Sponge V2

Disclaimer: This is a paid article, from a third party. Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile and unregulated investment. Readers should do their own research before taking any action regarding the promoted company or any of its mentioned businesses or services. CryptoBenelux is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused by or in connection with reliance on goods, services or content mentioned in the press release.

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