The AVAX price, like the rest of the crypto market, was able to start an increase again after the recent crypto crash. Rumors are now swirling that Avalanche is poised to overtake Solana with an x4 pump. Is Avalanche a good investment?

AVAX, like the rest of the crypto market, managed to achieve a reasonable increase after Saturday’s Bitcoin halving event. The AVAX price rose 4.51% over the past 24 hours while the largest cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum rose by 1.75% and 1.85% respectively.

The AVAX price seems to be doing slightly better than the rest of the market, but analysts expect Avalanche to prepare for further increases.

Avalanche price forecast – will Avalanche pass Solana?

The AVAX price rose by 4.51% over the past 24 hours and is therefore worth $39.18. Avalanche now has a market cap of $14.81 billion, placing it in 12th place among the largest cryptos based on market cap. Of the top 15 cryptos, Avalanche rose the fastest over the past 24 hours after Polkadot (DOT rose by 5.28%).

avax rate
Avalanche Price Chart – Source: CoinMarketCap

The RSI of the price recently managed to start its way up towards 50, which indicates an increase in the buying momentum of the price. In addition, the MACD histogram of the token provides a buy signal.

Current buying pressure could potentially push the AVAX price past its 50% Fibonacci level near $40.03. This 50% Fibonacci level is right in the middle of the market’s range between $50.81 and $29.24. Once buying pressure pushes the price past this level, fresher gains towards $42.74 will become realistic.

The 50% Fibonacci could then provide the support the AVAX price needs to rise past $50.81. This equates to an increase of as much as 30% compared to its current level.

However, the recent gains could also cause investors to start withdrawing their profits and the price could enter a consolidation phase. A drop below $20.34 will put AVAX price in a bearish trend that could lead to continued declines. Fortunately, this level still seems very far away for AVAX enthusiasts.

Even though the AVAX price may be able to realize an increase of 30%, x4 increases do not seem realistic in the short term. To overtake Solana, the AVAX price will also have to become worth more than 4.6x as much. This seems unfeasible at the moment.

However, there are several altcoins that can easily achieve x4 increases. Emerging meme coins that are in their presale phase can even easily go x20. It can therefore be very interesting for investors to diversify their portfolio with these types of tokens and for that reason we discuss below three of the most promising presale tokens of the moment.

Dogeverse – multi-chain alternative to popular Dogecoin

Dogeverse is a brand new alternative to Dogecoin that aims to offer its users multi-chain functionalities. By developing the Dogeverse token for multiple blockchains, investors will be able to take advantage of the best benefits and features of these blockchains. It will also provide Dogeverse with improved liquidity that is accompanied by faster and cheaper transactions.

In addition to being able to offer faster and cheaper transactions than the original Dogecoin, Dogeverse also allows its users to stake. Something that is not possible with Dogecoin due to its Proof-of-Work concept. By staking DOGEVERSE tokens, users can realize passive income. At the moment there is even talk of an APY of above 117%.


In total, DOGEVERSE has a token supply of 200 billion tokens. 30 billion of these tokens will be available during the presale while 20% of these tokens will be reserved for staking rewards. Even though the presale is still live, users can already take advantage of these staking rewards.

Dogeverse’s presale has already raised more than $9.2 million. This once again confirms how much interest there is in this Dogecoin alternative. Tokens currently cost $0.0003 each, but will continue to increase in price within 24 hours.

Slothana – new Solana meme coin with the necessary potential

Slothana is a new Solana meme coin that hopes to follow successful predecessors such as BONK and WIF. These meme coins were also developed for the Solana blockchain and managed to generate thousands of percent profits in a short time. WIF is currently the 3rd largest meme coin with a market cap of almost $3 billion.


The potential for Slothana is therefore great and by using a send-to-wallet airdrop system, Slothana managed to sell out its presale in no time. The $10 million hard cap target was reached within days and investors now have less than 87 days to take advantage of the current low prices.

1 SOL token currently gets you 10,000 SLOTH. Users can send their SOL tokens directly to the Slothana wallet address, or connect their wallet to the Slothana website, to qualify for SLTOH tokens.

Mega Dice – online casino with its own crypto token

With Mega Dice, a successor has now been developed for the successful crypto token of the Rollbit casino. Rollbit has proven that casino tokens have great potential. Rollbit managed to achieve a market cap close to $ 1 billion and is now still worth more than $ 400 million.

Mega Dice is poised to achieve these same kinds of increases with the launch of its new presale token. Mega Dice is a well-known online casino that distinguishes itself with its wide range of casino games and its own sportsbook. Because the casino has built up a large number of users, its new crypto token can count on the necessary support.

Mega Dice token presaleMega Dice token presale

When the native DICE token is used for casino games, users will be eligible for multiple benefits such as cashback bonuses and NFTs. Users who hold the DICE token are also eligible for benefits such as online webinars, trading signals and exclusive access to VIP groups.

The DICE token is currently in a presale that has already managed to raise over $460,000 despite only starting last week. Tokens currently cost $0.069 each and can be purchased via ETH, BNB and SOL.

Disclaimer: This article contains insights from independent authors and is not part of the editorial content of This is not investment advice, please do your own research.


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