Ripple’s price rose above $0.50 last weekend after struggling against this resistance level for a week. The big factor behind this price increase is the Ripple SEC case, which will continue in court on April 23.

Today, Ripple is expected to respond to the SEC’s request to pay $2 billion in fines. However, Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer has confirmed that the two parties will not shake hands before the lawsuit.

Investors are wondering if this could be the point for another breakthrough, making XRP worth $1. What exactly is going on with the lawsuit and what could Ripple be worth?

Today’s deadline for Ripple’s response to $2 billion fine

The lawsuit between Ripple and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) started in December 2020 and is about to reach its final stages.

At the time, Ripple was accused by the SEC of illegally offering an unregistered security to investors. Ripple denies the allegations and does not call its cryptocurrency securities, meaning it is not subject to SEC regulation.

The legal battle will have its final trial on April 23, after which a federal judge will determine the outcome. Some argue that Ripple has a better chance of winning, considering it already had three partial wins last year.

Today, April 22, is the deadline for Ripple to pay $2 billion in fines to the SEC in a settlement. Ripple’s CLO, Stuart Alderoty, denies there will be a settlement, however:

There will be no final pretrial conference because the SEC dismissed the charges against Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen.”

Ripple price forecast for latest lawsuit

The well-known cryptocurrency currently has a price of $ 0.5324. This represents an increase of 3.76% in the past week and 0.28% in the past 24 hours. Since hitting a low of $0.4188 on April 13, XRP has risen as much as 27%.

The next major resistance of the Ripple price is at $0.60. Technical indicators indicate that Ripple is on the verge of a breakthrough.

Ripple rate
Ripple price / Source: TradingView

For example, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) currently has a value of 62, which indicates that buying pressure is higher than selling pressure. However, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) remains relatively neutral.

The determining factor of this breakthrough is the outcome of the lawsuit. If there is a positive outcome for Ripple, the price could rise and possibly reach $1. However, a negative outcome could potentially mean new lows.

Promising Ripple Alternatives

If Ripple receives a negative result, there are plenty of new crypto coins that could rise significantly in the near future. Below we will discuss three promising presale projects.

99Bitcoins – earn crypto while learning

99Bitcoins ($99BTC) has been active since 2013 as an educational platform about crypto and blockchain. Recently, it launched a presale to launch its own cryptocurrency, $99BTC. This cryptocurrency serves as the foundation for the educational ecosystem that 99Bitcoins is building.

99Bitcoins presale crypto99Bitcoins presale crypto

Users can stake $99BTC for passive income, as well as purchase advanced trading strategy lessons, exclusive mentorships and more with the token. Furthermore, users earn $99BTC tokens by completing free courses. Learn about blockchain and earn free crypto with 99Bitcoins, available now during its presale for $0.00101 each.

Dogeverse – meme community on multiple blockchains

By purchasing Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE), you become part of a meme coin community across multiple blockchains. Dogeverse is a unique meme coin that is available on Ethereum, Solana, Base, BNB, Polygon and Avalanche. This earned Cosmo, its mascot, the nickname of the first chain-traveling Doge.

Dogeverse crypto presaleDogeverse crypto presale

Users who purchase tokens during the presale can also use the staking mechanism. This earns them an annual return of 117%. The sooner you buy $DOGEVERSE, the more you can earn. So don’t hesitate and buy $DOGEVERSE for $0.0003 each in the presale.

Mega Dice – earn passive income with this crypto casino token

Mega Dice ($DICE) is a crypto casino that has been operating for a number of years. It recently launched the presale of its own cryptocurrency, $DICE. $DICE offers investors the opportunity to earn passive income through its unique staking mechanism. Stakers receive daily rewards based on the casino’s performance. This casino is already extremely popular with 10,000 players every month and $50 million in stakes.

Mega Dice crypto presaleMega Dice crypto presale

Furthermore, players who wager $DICE at the casino receive exclusive benefits. This includes special bonuses and exclusive access to lobbies and games. Considering the online casino sector will rise in the coming years, the future of $DICE looks promising. Investors can now purchase $DICE tokens for $0.069 each.

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