Coinbase wants to be accessible to customers in as many ways as possible. The major crypto exchange is therefore integrating Apple Pay in the United Kingdom to reach even more people.

Coinbase announced that its users in the UK can now buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets using the Apple Pay feature on their iPhone. This initiative is part of Coinbase’s efforts to increase the number of crypto owners in the country. Which also means that they simply want more customers.

Apple Pay en Coinbase

According to Coinbase, when purchasing through Apple Pay, card numbers are not stored on the device or on Apple servers. Instead, a unique device account number is assigned, encrypted and stored on a chip that meets industry standards for retaining payment information.

Interest and users

Daniel Seifert, Coinbase’s UK country director, highlighted the ease of this new integration. He noted, “We know that users already love using Apple Pay in their daily lives, so it made sense to make this convenient payment method available on Coinbase.” With more than six million adults in the UK already owning crypto, Coinbase sees the Apple Pay integration as a strategic move to lower the barrier.

Furthermore, data from social analytics platform LunarCrush shows weak retail interest in crypto, based on the number of social media posts about related keywords such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana. And while trading volumes on crypto exchanges have not been this high since 2021.

Joe Vezzani, CEO of LunarCrush, noted that interest and social interactions are low compared to previous major bull markets. After filtering spam and bots, he suggests there may be a drop in social media activity within the crypto sector.

This news of Apple Pay’s integration with Coinbase underlines the crypto industry’s continued efforts to drive more mainstream adoption and accessibility, despite current challenges in the market. With such innovative solutions, the horizon for crypto owners and interested parties remains clear, even in times of uncertainty.


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