One of the things that all brands ask us when they start their journey on social networks (or when they have been around for a while and want to change their strategy) is how to manage crises on social networks.

In fact, they remain one of the hottest topics on any social media news feed worth its salt. The reality is that in most cases there is nothing to worry about but as we always say:

Your brand is not relevant until it manages to have a good balance of positive and negative mentions. People who hate you and love you.


So, we can say that Crises on social networks are one of the first obstacles for brands when they consider their social media strategy.

They are a common fear. Brands are exposed to a universe in which customers have the power and, most importantly, use it. Let’s think about the typical scene of a customer dining at a restaurant and uploading a photo of the dish he is enjoying to his networks. Subsequently, interested users find out their opinion and the aspect of the service provided.

Word of mouth is uninterrupted, we can’t do anything to prevent consumers from talking and giving their opinions, so all we have to do is do things right.

How to prevent a crisis on social networks?

Don’t ignore a user or a mention

How much does it cost us to be followed, how much does it cost us to make ourselves visible? Whether it is a positive mention or – especially – if it is a complaint, the community manager must be there, as soon as possible, providing a response. Never ignore a user. Never ignore a mention.

Monitor everything

Whether you are on the networks or not, never stop monitoring what is said about your brand. Prevention is the key to success! Do you know what they are saying out there about your brand? As we always say:

Listen first, speak later

Beware of Trolls

Control your impulses. If we know that we have done things well, firmness and a timely response transform a hater into a strength for your brand. Now, if there is a sensitive area, the best recommendation is to recognize your mistake, commit to your followers and extract lessons for the future from the negative feedback received.

Active listening

This is another of the common errors. Let’s not fool ourselves, brands seek to sell their products and services, we all do it… the key is not to deny it and eradicate any hint of “commerce” from our presence on the Internet, on the contrary it is to deliver sufficient quality to win ambassadors who spread our brand to an unlimited universe of potential clients.

The team

the company itself: the great pending issue. The internal client, how to build the company, how to form a union of talents at the service of the market needs and how, thanks to them, manage to form a constant spiral of opportunities, alliances, synergies and opening of new markets and business ideas.

  • Accept that the company today is horizontal
  • That managers must be leaders above anything else
  • That employees must know, share and be an active part in achieving the objectives and messages that their brand seeks to transmit.
  • That motivation is the central axis of conquering the internal client and that, without it, we will not be able to impact and bond with our external clients.


Finally, we cannot forget that, behind every click, there is a person and that, only by moving towards the path of specialization, temperance of emotions and quieting of the spirit, will our talents and qualities emerge.

Crises in social networks They occur because the company still has a long way to go in accepting and integrating the new rules of the game. The word, commitment, trust, responsibility, compliance, constant learning and customer service are the central axes of any strategy: do not go out without them because It is the reputation of your brand that is at stake and today, influence is what drives us to business!


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