The week starts well for crypto, with Bitcoin rising to $72,000 on Monday morning, but Solana is also rising again, despite network problems that are currently happening. Due to busy times on Solana, transactions are processed less quickly, something for which Solana may receive an upgrade in the coming week.

This article examines three meme coins with the potential to create new crypto millionaires in the coming week. We focus on meme coins within the Solana network, with a particular focus on Dogwifhat (WIF), which recently rose 15% to $4.10. In addition, we highlight smaller meme coins that are about to significantly increase in value.

Want to get rich with crypto in April? These 3 meme coins have the potential to explode

We first look at Dogwifhat, one of the most popular crypto memes of the moment and also the #3 largest meme coin. WIF is the largest and most influential meme coin on Solana, with a current market cap of $4 billion.

Since its launch on CoinMarketCap in December 2023, the meme coin has risen by more than +2,300% and it is expected that WIF could become worth even more given the growing popularity of Solana and the meme coin itself. Today, the Dogwifhat price is up +15% after a bearish week that saw the altcoin fall -8%.

Dogwifhat rate chart
Dogwifhat rate chart – TradingView

The popularity of Dogwifhat on Solana, has created an influx of new meme coins on the network, based on the idea of ​​’wifhat’. But now other meme coins also seem to be getting a lot of attention, for example Cat in a dogs world (MEW) and Hump (HUMP) have the potential to explode and experience similar growth.

MEW launched on March 26 and rose by a factor of 200 to a high of $0.01 on March 31. The value of this meme coin is currently still about 100 times higher than its starting price. Although MEW is down about 3% today compared to yesterday, the coin is already showing signs of recovery this morning.

If Solana recovers above $190 this week, MEW could reach a new all-time high above $0.01 before the end of the week. The new Hump, which was launched on March 29, is still 100 times above its starting price today, but is due for a recovery after a drop of more than -11% in the past 24 hours.

HUMP is a strong community token that could see multiple listings on centralized exchanges (CEX) in the coming months. This also makes HUMP a promising crypto meme to keep an eye on this week.

The above meme coins could create new crypto millionaires in the coming days and weeks, just take into account the volatility of crypto, especially now that the Bitcoin halving is in 10 days.

Alternative crypto memes with the potential to rise even faster

The above meme coins are already quite well known on the market, for example the market cap of HUMP is around $150 million, that of MEW around $450 million and that of WIF around $4 billion. This means that a huge amount of volume is needed for these meme coins to rise rapidly, which is not the case with smaller meme coins.

That is why in this part of the article we look at 3 alternatives with a lower market cap and potential to rise even faster in the coming days and weeks.

Slothana (SLOTH)

Slothana (SLOTH) is a meme coin that started its presale at the end of March and has already raised more than $10 million. This presale will end soon, which means SLOTH will soon launch on Solana

This community token is based on a sloth, rather lazy than tired and ready to give up work life to get rich with crypto. Slothana aims to reach a market cap of $420 million, allowing early investors to make a lot of profit.

You can buy Slothana for 1 SOL per 10,000 tokens in the presale and will receive these tokens in your wallet as an airdrop after the presale. With a few days to go, SLOTH will soon be launched on exchanges, with the possibility of it rising sharply.

Smog (SMOG)

Smog (SMOG) is a popular airdrop crypto on Solana that launched in early February and has risen more than 30x since then to a peak of $0.38. SMOG owes much of its popularity to its airdrop campaign for ‘the largest Solana airdrop ever’.

The first season of this airdrop is over, but the second season is now active, which means you can get ready for the next big crypto airdrop. You do this by holding SMOG, staking, trading and completing quests on Zealy.

Smog Token, volgende crypto bull runSmog Token, volgende crypto bull run

You can buy SMOG through the official website, MEXC and decentralized exchanges on Solana. Via the website you can stake SMOG for a 10% discount on the current price, an APY of 42% and extra airdrop points for the next airdrop.

Sponge (SPONGE)

Sponge (SPONGE) is a successful meme coin that launched in early February and almost only rose for a month, reaching a peak of $0.00420 on March 9. Although the price has fallen to a lower level, the hype is increasing due to the arrival of the new Sponge Play-to-Earn game.

In this upcoming crypto game you can race against SpongeBob and other well-known characters and earn extra SPONGE based on your score. The launch of this game could create a new wave of hype, potentially allowing SPONGE to rise a lot in the near future.

You can buy SPONGE from the official website and can stake it via Ethereum for an APY of 167% and via Polygon for an APY of 364%. SPONGE is currently 50% below its All-Time High and could see another strong pump soon.

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