New York hosted the NRF 2024 Retail’s Big Show, the biggest annual retail event. With the theme “Make it Matter”, this conference brings together global retail leaders to explore impactful innovations and trends that will shape the future of the sector.

With more than 1000 exhibitors and 400 speakers, NRF 2024 stands out as an essential forum for retail leaders, with the mission to actively represent the sector, defend retail policies and create an environment conducive to business and networking.

As part of Brasil Varejo’s international delegation, I attended the conferences as a representative of Greener + Prospera, a climatetech that provides global sustainability solutions.

During the conversations and lectures I was able to attend, trends in relation to the consumer profile caught my attention. The WGSN consultancy, a global authority in forecasting consumer trends, for example, identified four new consumer profiles for the coming years.

The new nihilists

These consumers have chosen not to get involved in the global turmoil, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost interest; they are, in fact, seeking new sources of meaning and happiness outside of the mainstream. To win them over, it is essential to demonstrate that your brand is in tune with this level of thinking.

Building trust with these consumers requires key elements, such as honesty, authenticity and humor. Because, they seek real connections and resist any form of deception. Brands that embrace a transparent and relaxed approach are positioned to cultivate lasting relationships with this group.

The reductionists

Reductionists, after experiencing digital convenience in the pandemic, are looking for a more human reconnection. Companies that offer personal, community-centered products and services attract these consumers.

This profile values ​​kindness and integrity as guiding principles in their lives, acting to correct what they consider wrong and seeking reciprocity in this commitment. Their motivation is driven by the virtues of caring for others, highlighted by an altruistic disposition.

The essence of connection is fundamental to reductionists, whether in the search for authentic human interactions in services or the need for an engaging narrative. Furthermore, it is crucial for them to know that a brand’s values ​​are aligned with their own principles.

The guardians of time

Time keepers are individuals who prioritize freedom and flexibility as the foundation for living the best version of their lives. They are attracted to experiences that enrich their world, seeking brands that provide solutions capable of adding value and improving their lifestyle.

For these memory builders, time is considered the most valuable resource. They don’t just seek to spend it, but rather invest it in activities and initiatives that promote a richer and more meaningful life.

The pioneers

These consumers are like light bulbs about to be lit by innovative ideas. Pioneers seek solutions that contribute to improving the world and demonstrate enthusiasm for products capable of solving problems and establishing connections between the physical and virtual worlds. Brands that present smart and inspiring designs will win the attention and loyalty of this profile.

Knowing these profiles represents just the first step. The challenge is to adapt marketing strategies that resonate with each group, providing personalized and meaningful experiences. In the midst of the current competitive scenario, understanding these nuances becomes crucial for the success of brands in the dynamic, constantly evolving world of retail.

*Claudio Olimpio is CEO and co-founder of Greener, climatetech that provides global sustainability solutions.


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