-->Several new meme coins are currently finding their way into the spotlight. During the crypto bull run at the end of 2023, Bonk in particular managed to claim attention for himself. More recently it was DogWifHat that achieved enormous growth. However, a well-known crypto analyst now indicates that attention should return to the very first meme coin ever: according to Ali Martinez, Dogecoin can become worth a lot.

Figures from Dogecoin

Before we dive into Martinez’s analysis, it is good to take a look at Dogecoin’s figures. The largest meme coin in the world currently occupies 9th place on the CoinMarketCap rankings. With a cap of $26.1 billion, the token sits right between Cardano ($20.7 billion) and XRP ($31.6 billion). Shiba Inu, the second-largest meme crypto, follows at a reasonable distance, with a market cap of over $15 billion (and a 12th place on the total ranking of tokens by market capitalization).

Dogecoin, like the crypto world as a whole, has experienced a major bull run in recent weeks, but now there seems to be some sand in the engine. The token is currently at $0.1818, a significant loss compared to the $0.2247 it reached on March 28. In the past week, the token lost no less than $4 in price value. However, the token is still 200% higher than six months ago.

Dogecoin 4-4

Crypto analyst: Dogecoin is going to the moon!

Dogecoin has made early investors a ton of money, and has outperformed many tokens with a similarly large market cap during recent bull runs. Analyst Ali Martinez, who likes to share his knowledge with the world on X, is convinced that the end is not yet in sight for the king of the meme coins.

In his tweet, he explains that Dogecoin has shown tremendous growth after the end of its consolidation period in 2021: from $0.002 to an ATH of $0.70. Since then, the price of the token has mainly consolidated, apart from some minor breakouts. According to Martinez’s logic, a pump of 5000% should now be possible, as well as a new ATH.

Can Dogecoin become worth a lot – buy it now?

Although Martinez has certainly made his mark as a crypto analyst, many traders and analysts see a number of obstacles along the way. They see that it is mainly tokens with a smaller market cap that show enormous increases – as Dogecoin did in 2021. The fear is that Dogecoin’s Market Cap is now too large to make huge leaps.

In addition, since the growth of Dogecoin, many new, small crypto coins with potential have entered the market that have better tokenomics, staking options, a new ‘fresher’ meme as a trademark and the potential to achieve greater profits. Dogecoin20, an improved version of Dogecoin with more potential, Slothana and Smog are good examples of this. These tokens are probably a better investment option than DOGE.

Dogecoin20 – Improved version of the largest meme coin

Dogecoin20 is a cleverly designed new and improved version of Dogecoin. The token has adopted a large part of the design of its predecessor, but has its own twist that should provide the necessary improvements.

For example, Dogecoin20 has a limited supply of $140 billion tokens, which means that hyperinflation cannot occur. 15% of the total token number is reserved to be paid out to stakers via smart contracts – useful because this makes the token deflationary. Since many investors will keep their tokens off the market for a longer period of time, the price of the token can easily increase.

Dogecoin20, beste play to earn gamesDogecoin20, beste play to earn games

In addition, Dogecoin20 uses the services of the ERC20 network. The Ethereum blockchain is extremely fast, very secure and also has low transaction costs. This makes trading with Dogecoin20 safe and easy.

In a short time, more than $10 million could be raised for this special presale crypto – and a launch on the exchanges is getting closer. Would you also like to join DOGE’s successor? Then go to the official Doge20 website now.

Slothana – Meme coin in its purest form

Within a week and a half, the presale of the meme coin Slothana ($SLOTH) has already raised more than $7.5 million. Meme crypto ‘degens’ are thrilled about the token surrounding a sloth who wants to say goodbye to his office job.

Slothana will probably launch on Solana exchanges Raydium and Jupiter, but there are many rumors surrounding the token: an exchange listing on Binance would be possible. If this really becomes true, Slothana could grow enormously as a meme coin.

The anonymous team behind the token has chosen to keep as much information as possible secret: when can a listing be expected, what is the hard cap of the project, what are the tokenomics? The mystery only attracts more investors. For 1 Solana token you buy $10,000 SLOTH.

Smog – Happy meme coin with crypto airdrop

The new meme coin around the cheerful dragon Smog is also winning the hearts of investors. The team behind the token is betting on the largest crypto airdrop on Solana ever.

35% of the total number of tokens is reserved to be distributed to the community. Those who have locked tokens in smart staking contracts for a longer period of time will receive a larger portion of the airdrop. Even when you have completed the necessary assignments via Zealy, you can earn extra airdrop credits.

Crypto airdrops have sent meme tokens to great heights in the past – for example, Bonk’s success has largely come about thanks to airdrops. Perhaps $SMOG can repeat this success.

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